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Top Salesforce Sales Cloud Summer '22 Features

With Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Summer ‘22 release features, improve your company's training and enablement experience with new Sales Enablement tools. Several Sales Cloud functionalities are available to Unlimited and Performance Edition orgs without the need to purchase add-on licenses.

Optimize your company's training and enabling experience with new Sales Enablement tools. Several Sales Cloud functionalities are available to Unlimited and Performance Edition orgs without the need to purchase subscription licenses.

Get Revenue Insights irrespective of whether Collaborative Forecasts Are Enabled or Not

Where: This update affects Revenue Intelligence in the Sales Cloud in Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Lightning Experience.

Who: The Revenue Intelligence User permission set is required to use the Revenue Insights dashboards. The Revenue Intelligence Admin permission set is needed to manage the Revenue Insights dashboards.

How: To configure Revenue Insights, go to Setup, put Revenue Insights in the Quick Find box, and then pick Revenue Insights Setup. Complete the setup tasks that are required. Turn on Revenue Insights and enable CRM Analytics. Provide the Revenue Intelligence permission sets to the customers who need Revenue Insights access.

Pipeline Regulation

With insights from activities, service cases, and opportunity scores, you can get a broader picture of deal health. Pipeline Inspection can use a single or many forecast category rollups. To see your forecast category metrics in the Pipeline Inspection view, rename them. The name of the Pipeline Inspection permission set has been updated.

With new insights, you'll be able to close more deals with Einstein Deal Insights

Pipeline Inspection provides sales teams with fresh insights from service cases, activities, Einstein Opportunity Scoring, and more, allowing them to have a better knowledge of deal health. Recommended actions are included in Einstein Deal Insights, so salespeople can swiftly go forward with completing deals.

Where: Pipeline Inspection, which is offered in Performance and Unlimited Editions, has undergone a makeover. Pipeline Inspection is also bundled with Revenue Intelligence, which is offered in the Enterprise edition for an additional fee.

When: Deal Insights based on activity data is now available.

Why: The number of activities is modest when compared to similar agreements with better win rates. This insight offers a call to action for the sales rep to assess the opportunity's activity.

How: Go to Pipeline Inspection Setup to modify the insights you want to present. Select the insights you want in the Turn on Deal Insights section.

Performance Features

Users of Einstein Activity Capture can use a new email insight to override automatic associations. Sales reps can also use the availability view to schedule calendar events and take advantage of various new email functionalities.

Get Einstein Activity Capture in Performance and Unlimited Editions without an Add-On License.

Einstein Activity Capture is an essential component of a sales team's toolkit, particularly for larger companies. Because Einstein Activity Capture is such an important feature set for these companies, it's now included in the Sales Cloud Included license, which comes with the Performance and Unlimited editions at no additional cost.

Where: This modification affects both the Performance and Unlimited editions of Lightning Experience.

Who: This change affects customers who used the Sales Cloud Einstein, Inbox, High-Velocity Sales, or Revenue Intelligence licenses to access Einstein Activity Capture.

How: Assign users to the Einstein Activity Capture Included, Sales Cloud Included Bundle, or custom permission set to ensure continuous use of Einstein Activity Capture functionalities. Other Sales Cloud Included capabilities, such as Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Lead Scoring, are also accessible through the Sales Cloud Included Bundle permission set.

Without an add-on license, Sales Cloud Unlimited and Performance Editions now include Einstein Conversation Insights.

Where: This change affects the Lightning Experience in the Performance and Unlimited editions of Sales Cloud.

Who: In most cases, Einstein Conversation Insights is accessible as an add-on. Organizations using the Unlimited Edition or Performance Edition can now use features without having to purchase additional licenses. For each Sales Cloud Unlimited or Sales Cloud Performance license, orgs without add-on licenses are restricted to 120 processing hours for voice and video calls per year. Unused hours are carried over to the next year.

All of the features in Einstein Conversation Insights for Sales are available to users.

Calculate the ROI of Einstein Lead Scoring for your business.

Based on your current lead acquisition and conversion rates, the revised Einstein Readiness Assessor allows you to determine the worth of Einstein Lead Scoring for your firm.

Where: This change affects Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Without an add-on license, Sales Cloud Unlimited and Performance Editions now include even more features and functionality.

To help you expand, Salesforce has included extra features and capabilities in Sales Cloud Unlimited and Performance Editions that previously required an add-on license. Sales Engagement previously known as High-Velocity Sales, Gmail and Outlook Inbox, Sales Cloud Einstein, Einstein Conversation Insights, and Einstein Activity capture are among these capabilities.

Where: This update affects Sales Cloud in Unlimited and Performance Editions of Lightning Experience.

Hence, these highly innovative and effective features are sure to make your tasks faster and smoother yielding high-quality results. If you are looking to incorporate these features into your organization, get in touch with our expert team at Apphienz. Visit our website for more information and write to us in case of any further queries.


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