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Top Salesforce Winter '22 Release Features

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Salesforce has three big releases coming out each year to make it more user-friendly. Each new release is loaded with features. These features help the salesforce users to stay ahead of the competition. The new Salesforce Winter '22 Release is no different, it enhances the user experience and helps you win more business. The most anticipated list of top Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release features is here to take you by surprise.

Let’s have a look at this year’s power-packed release notes


Enhancements to Einstein Conversation Insights and Get a better understanding of the deal's health

The enhancements to Einstein Conversation Insights allow you to match conversation data from phone and video chats to the appropriate opportunity. Accurately troubleshoot each trade to gain a clear view of the circumstances.

Einstein Conversation Insights can automatically link voice and video calls to relevant prospects.


Appointment Assistant: Self-Service Scheduling / In real-time, manage and update appointments

Appointment Assistant: Self-Service Scheduling allows customers to create, reschedule, cancel, and confirm appointments via digital channels, reducing call volumes, balancing agent workload, and avoiding no-shows.

Salesforce Surveys are now enabled for you through the Service Setup Assistant. With the Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score sample surveys, you may get feedback from your consumers on their service experience. We also provide you with two email templates to share the surveys with your consumers.


Get more time for campaign and lead development

Microsites allow you to easily create landing pages, event pages, blogs, promotional pages, and more using Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) templates while reporting data to Salesforce Leads or straight to Marketing Cloud.

Enjoy the freedom to develop a site and distribute it to consumers without the hassle of maintaining a full website. The new Microsite template highlights best practices and provides a fresh perspective on Experience Cloud's latest technology. Opportunities are easy to track when you have the capacity to collect user data and generate leads directly from your website.


Get more personalized marketing and commerce experiences

Salesforce CDP for Commerce provides a complete, unified picture of first-party customer data across all touchpoints with out-of-the-box native data integration into Salesforce CDP, enabling a genuine single source of truth and the ability to leverage commerce data in cross-channel marketing.

Clicks, not code, can link one or more production B2C Commerce implementations to Salesforce CDP. The connector can import transactional order data as well as data from the product catalog and user profiles. You have control over which data from B2C Commerce sites is imported into Salesforce CDP. For example, to give more personalized cross-channel experiences, combine richer unified profiles with e-Commerce order data.

Apps- Lightning Experience

Get started instantly in the Salesforce mobile app

Salesforce mobile app upgrades include an out-of-the-box landing page for the Salesforce mobile app that end users may customize with the data that matters most to them.

Mobile Home is a collection of dynamic, adjustable cards that display personalized information to your consumers. Users can access their reports, recent records, favorites, and more from the Mobile Home page. Each card displays information based on what Salesforce users see. Your users may easily rearrange, add, and delete cards in Mobile Home to make them their own.


Integrate your own machine learning models

You can now import your own custom machine learning models into Salesforce and use Salesforce data to enhance the value of your model with Einstein Discovery Enhancements.

Enhance your forecasting abilities using externally generated models that you can quickly deploy. Your data scientists may create, construct, test, and tune their meticulously crafted models using their preferred modeling tools. Then, utilizing the model's predictions, upload and deploy them in Salesforce so that your users can begin working toward improved results.

Financial services

A more agile, automated end-to-end process

Enable automated, connected end-to-end work orchestration to improve the customer and staff experience.

With process automation and middle and back-office integration solutions, Digital Process Automation for Financial Services Cloud boosts operational productivity and agility.


Increase conversion - Elevate Enhancements

Elevate's new customized ask ladders, prefilled forms, and analytics capabilities, as well as the ability to connect the Worldpay Express payment method, allow you to enhance donation form conversion and find best-performing Giving Pages thanks to Elevate Enhancements.

Proactive, specialized expertise can help your company expand

Signature Success Plans now encompass Salesforce Maps, Communications Cloud, Media Cloud, Energy & Utilities Cloud, and GovCloud, thanks to Signature Success Plan Enhancements. They now include a specialized Technical Account Manager, the quickest response times, and proactive services.

Mulesoft Integrations that help you get established

Four new MuleSoft Accelerators for Customer 360, Retail, Healthcare, and Banking let you jumpstart customer integration across B2C CC, MDM, Salesforce Core, Marketing Cloud, and SAP with prebuilt APIs and templates.

Salesforce CDP

Get more accurate conversion info at no extra charge

With Journey Builder Enhancements for Google Analytics, you can connect your Google Analytics data to Marketing Cloud and gain more robust conversion metrics for mobile, email, and the web.

Download pathway tracking to get a better understanding of how your marketing initiatives are impacting customer online engagement. Customers who have the free Google Analytics Property Type can use the Google Analytics Free integration to get some Google Analytics 360 Integration tracking and reporting features. Google Analytics Free does not offer to report for Google Audiences.


Work more rapidly and easily

Extensibility Enhancements for Pardot connect your Martech stack and streamline workflow across platforms. With the new Custom Components and External Activity features in Pardot, you may use third-party data and solutions.

You can now add valuable external prospect data from your third-party apps to your Pardot automation. Create a Marketing App Extension for any third-party app you use to collect prospect data. Then, for each activity type you want to record, fill in the blanks. For example, take data from your third-party webinar service to collect when a prospect attends a webinar and use it in any of your Pardot automation or Engagement Studio programs. External activity data can also be viewed on individual prospect records.

These are the most awaited Top winter ‘22 Salesforce features for the win! Connect with us today to make the most out of them. Visit our website for more information.


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