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Top Salesforce Winter '23 CPQ and Subscription Management Features

With Salesforce’s winter ‘23 CPQ and Subscription management release features, Sales representatives can now create quotes for subscriptions, and sales and support teams using subscription management can now increase a customer's subscription quantity. Batch invoicing automation, recurring payment automation, and easier management of subscription products and pricing are all possible. With a new dashboard and simplified setup, your collection process acquires.

Let’s have a look at the updated features;

Subscription Management

Sell subscription products to your customers and partners through an Experience Cloud self-service storefront. Subscription Management now allows sales and support teams to increase the quantity of a customer's subscription, and sales reps can create subscription quotes. You can easily manage subscription products and pricing, automate batch invoicing, and enable recurring payment automation. A new dashboard and streamlined setup benefit your collections process.

Utilize Cadences and Related Invoices to Improve Collections Outreach

Use cadences to direct your collections agents' efforts to the areas where they will have the most significant impact. When invoices are added to a rhythm, collections teams can associate them with collection targets. Agents can see the upcoming cadence tasks for each collection target they own in the Sales Engagement Work Queue. They can view details for each invoice as they work through the list and take actions such as calling or emailing. Teams can see cadence activity on invoice records, and cadence reports can be used to determine which cadences result in the most collections.

Where: This modification affects Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Programmer editions.

Who: Sales Engagement users in organizations with a Subscription Management license can view related invoices for cadence targets. The SubscriptionManagementCollections permission set group is required for users.

Configure Ongoing Payment Automation

Automation can save your accounts receivable department time. Set the option to Create Payment Schedules and Payment Schedule Items Automatically (Recommended). Subscription Management generates a payment schedule and payment schedule items after an invoice is posted. Payments are collected automatically after you configure a payment schedule to run.

Where: This modification affects Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Sell Experience Cloud Subscriptions to Customers and Partners

Profit from your investment in proven sales channels while incurring minimal additional costs. Subscription Management powers a self-service storefront in your Experience Cloud channel for authenticated users. Customers and partners can use your storefront to purchase and renew subscription products, while you manage your catalog and automate invoicing, payments, and refunds with Subscription Management.

Where: This modification affects Aura, LWR, and Visualforce sites accessed via Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: A Subscription Management license, an Experience Cloud license, and the Subscription Management User permission are required to use Subscription Management to administer storefronts in Experience Cloud sites.

How: Create a flow for Subscription Management using the Buy Now flow template. You can launch a flow from Apex after you've created it. Configure the flow to run in System Context to grant users (such as authenticated Experience Cloud users) access to your storefront without granting them access to the APIs and objects referenced in the flow.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ updates boost security, while release updates boost browser performance.

Increase security by allowing the Integration User to perform calculations

You can now use an integration user and a short-lived access token to access the external calculation service in Salesforce CPQ. This method of accessing the external calculation service replaces the current method of using a user and a long-lived refresh token and improves security by removing the long-lived token from Salesforce.

Where: This modification affects Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Salesforce CPQ.

How: Locate and open Installed Packages in Settings. Click Configure next to the Salesforce CPQ package.

Select Use Integration User for Calculations on the Pricing and Calculation tab. The Salesforce CPQ Integration User permission set is created, and the existing refresh token is removed. The new permission set is then added to the permission set group CPQIntegrationUserPermSetGroup.

Run a calculation from a quote to put the new setting to the test. Then, confirm that you can amend and renew a contract resulting from an opportunity. If these processes complete successfully, you are now using the new method of accessing the calculation provider.

If an error occurs, update the permission set group CPQIntegrationUserPermSetGroup to grant the integration user access to custom fields or objects used during quote calculations. Add a permission set, for example, to the authorization plan group.

Optimization to Browser Performance for Salesforce CPQ

With this update, Web Components V1 technology is used to make Salesforce CPQ run more quickly in supported web browsers. This update was initially released on Summer 21 and goes into effect on Winter 23.

Where: This modification affects Salesforce CPQ's Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and mobile app.

When: This update was initially released on Summer 21 and goes into effect in Winter 23. Go to Trust Status, look up your instance using the search bar, then select the maintenance tab to view the major release upgrade date for your instance.

How: Salesforce CPQ functions more quickly with Web Components V1 technology, but your customizations' appearance and feel may change. We advise you to test your customizations with an emphasis on these features on desktop and in the Salesforce mobile app.

  • Quotation-mark editor

  • Product choice

  • Favorite Salesforce CPQ items

  • Product bundle arrangement

  • Calculator plugin for quotes

  • Plugin for page security

It's normal to expect some changes to the user interface after the update depending on your customizations and the browser. See Knowledge Article: UI Changes Caused By Browser Performance Improvements for Salesforce CPQ for more information on these differences that are already known.

Contact Salesforce CPQ Support if you experience unwanted differences that can't be fixed by changing your customizations and you want to turn off the update.

Hence, these are the updated and latest features that have been added to the CPQ and Subscription Management of Experience Cloud.

Visit our website for more information and get in touch with us to make the most out of these features. Our expert team at Apphienz will guide you throughout the process of implementation. Write to us at in case of any queries.


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