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Top Salesforce Winter '23 Sales Cloud Features

With the Salesforce Winter '23 Sales Cloud features, You can expand your account base more easily, acquire new clients more quickly, and close deals seamlessly and you can do so from anywhere. Boost productivity with sales automation, AI, and data-driven artificial intelligence.

Let's have a look at the updated Sales Cloud features;

Revenue Intelligence

The Revenue Insights app should be created in different versions. With Collaborative Forecasts, create analytics by using the opportunity or opportunity splits forecast types. Analyze analytics using rollups for just one category.

Discover Opportunity Splits and Custom Amount Forecasts with Revenue Insights Analytics.

Use Interactive Forecasts to create analytics based on opportunities or opportunity splits with predefined or customized amount fields.

Where: With the addition of a Sales Cloud fee, this modification applies to the Lightning Experience in the Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

Who: A Revenue Intelligence Admin permission set is required in order to create the Revenue Insights app. The Revenue Insights app requires users to have the Revenue Intelligence User permission set.

How: If Collaborative Forecasts are enabled, you can choose the opportunity or opportunity splits forecast types during the setup process when creating Revenue Insights. This measure is used in the dashboard if the forecast uses a revenue-based custom amount measure. Quantities are not supported at this time, and the measure must be based on revenue.

Pipeline inspection

Einstein Conversation Insights and Email Insights, which are now accessible in Pipeline Inspection, can help you learn more about the health of a deal from customer interactions. summarize pipeline metrics using fields for standard and unique numbers and currencies. The opportunity amount field can also be modified directly in Pipeline Inspection views.

Pipeline Inspection's Einstein Conversation Insights and Email Insights will help you keep deals moving.

Showing sales teams a subset of Einstein Conversation Insights and Email Insights in Pipeline Inspection allows them to thoroughly explore customer interactions and maintain the momentum of deals. Aside from providing insights, actions such as looking at call and email history are also recommended.

Where: This modification is valid for Pipeline Inspection-equipped Lightning Experience in Performance and Unlimited editions. Revenue Intelligence, which is offered in the Enterprise Edition at an additional cost, also comes with Pipeline Inspection.

How: You must configure Conversation Insights under Conversation Insights General Settings in Setup in order to display insights from call recordings. Setup should be used to enable and configure Einstein Activity Capture and Email Insights in order to display insights from emails. Following the activation of these features, Pipeline Inspection can access call recordings and email insights.

Einstein Conversation Insights

Currently, new users can be welcomed by Einstein Conversation Insights. Insights about customer objections are also visible to sales representatives and managers, who also have quicker access to calls that have been completed.

Call recordings are not made by Einstein Conversation Insights. You link it up with your recording tools, like Sales Dialer, Service Cloud Voice, or other approved partners. The management of consent and adherence to regional privacy laws in the call recording process is the responsibility of the customer.

Give New Users a Great Start to Einstein Conversation Insights

With Einstein Conversation Insights, brand-new users have a wealth of resources at their disposal (ECI). Along with a welcome mat, instructional videos, and an in-app walkthrough, our new onboarding process includes these elements. Effective use of ECI by managers and reps can be achieved quickly.

Where: This adjustment is made to Lightning Experience's Einstein Conversation Insights. As an add-on in the Enterprise Edition, Einstein Conversation Insights is accessible in the Performance and Unlimited editions.

Who: Users with access to Einstein Conversation Insights have access to this feature.

Why: The first time a user logs into Salesforce after ECI is enabled, a welcome screen is displayed.

According to the recording providers that are available to them, users see a different call-to-action button.

To use the product and connect to the available recording providers, reps are encouraged by prompts and banners.

Users who have never connected their Zoom account are given instructions by a docked prompt.

Users are treated to an in-app walkthrough that highlights the main features of the product the first time they access a voice or video call record.

Sales Cloud for Slack

Sales teams have direct Slack access to records that they can access, update, and share, manage their pipelines, and receive critical notifications about opportunities and key accounts.

Where: Work with Sales Cloud in Lightning Experience for Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions is possible with the Sales Cloud for Slack app.

Who: Users who have these permissions set for them must be authorized. Connect Slack's sales user to Salesforce. More permissions are necessary for some features.

Why: Access these crucial sales features while continuing to collaborate with colleagues in Slack.

  • Accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities can be viewed, updated, and shared.

  • Your sales pipeline is visible and manageable.

  • Create your own Slack record views to see the fields you require for both standard and custom objects.

  • Receive notifications in Slack regarding approaching close dates, unchanging stages, and unchanging next steps for opportunities you own. Create unique notifications using Notification Builder, and modify our pre-configured notification flows.

  • Use sales channels to promote conversation about important deals. Connect opportunities and accounts to Slack channels from Salesforce or Slack. When records are updated, channel participants are notified in Slack. And from a related list on their Salesforce records, teams can quickly locate sales channels.

  • Slack feed channels can be used to streamline important announcements. To keep your team informed, feed channels send out automatic announcements whenever deals with a high closing probability are won or increase in value.

  • By using Flow Builder, you can activate Slack actions based on Salesforce behaviors. Create Slack channels, as an illustration, automatically whenever new deals are introduced and the value exceeds a certain sum.

Streamline Your Move to Einstein Activity Capture

How: Working with your Slack workspace administrator to configure setup in Salesforce and Slack will enable you to use Sales Cloud for Slack right away.

For a simple and straightforward transition to Einstein Activity Capture if you're using Lightning Sync for Google, use the Lightning Sync migration assistant. The assistant determines if you're prepared for the migration, gets you set up to handle product differences, and then switches your settings from Lightning Sync to Einstein Activity Capture. Only customers who connect to Salesforce through Microsoft Exchange previously had access to the migration assistant.

Where: This adjustment is valid for the Unlimited, Professional, Enterprise, and Performance editions of Lightning Experience.

Why: For the long term, Einstein Activity Capture will be used to sync contacts and events between Salesforce and Google applications. You gain access to productivity-enhancing features other than sync with Einstein Activity Capture.

How: Using Setup, type Gmail Integration, and Sync in the Quick Find Box. Under the Lightning Sync section, a new section titled "Migrate to Einstein Activity Capture" will appear if the migration assistant is supported for you. Simply click Explore Migration to launch the migration assistant.

Get More Options for From Addresses in List Emails

Create the appearance that a list email is being sent by a specific user or group, such as or Depending on the sender's name and email address, recipients react differently to emails.

Where: The Lightning Experience in the Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions are affected by this change.

Who: For this feature to work, a rep needs to be able to use organization-wide email addresses or have multiple accounts connected via Inbox or Einstein Activity Capture.

Why: When a representative selects an email address from a list, replies are sent to that address by default. While responses to the newly created email support a market attribution calculation, emails from go into the work queue for that organization-wide email.

Hence, use Sales Cloud features to sell more effectively and quickly. If you are looking to implement these latest updates into your business, get in touch with us at Appheinz. Visit our website for more information or write to us at for more queries.


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