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Top Spring '22 Highlights for Admins

Salesforce Spring '22 release is here, and Admins now have more power.  Each update delivers plenty of exciting new features and functionalities that will help boost the overall performance of the company and organization.

Let's have a look at the top features for admins and what these features have to offer.

With dynamic gauge charts, you can get rid of static goals

Dashboard gauge charts are excellent for measuring your performance and achieving your company objectives. Because your business is always evolving, having static goals or performance measurements isn't an option. Dynamic gauge charts allow you to see your measurement and target in real-time. Select Dynamic mode rather than Standard mode after adding a gauge chart to the dashboard builder. You may control the chart measure (shown by the pointer), the chart target, and the chart's maximum value using Dynamic mode. Choose Standard if you wish to make a gauge chart with set values.

When designing criteria-based sharing rules, this is a time-saving solution.

Some users, whether they're High Volume Users on an Experience Cloud site or system users like Automated Process Users or Platform Integration Users, are unable to be assigned a role. In order to provide record access, you had to change ownership of the record from the High Volume User or system user to another user as an administrator. With the updates to criteria-based sharing rules, they now default to include records held by users who can't have an assigned role when setting criteria-based sharing rules, reducing your effort.

External user PII is better protected due to improved administration.

When a name is considered PII, Salesforce now honors the Experience Cloud site's "display nicknames instead of full names" option in the Spring '22 Release. Please change the name's compliance category to PII if you implemented Enhanced Personal Information Management in Winter '22. This innovation is critical for securing the names of external users, and it also allows you to have various PII rules for the name field of each site!

They also altered the way orgs allow Enhanced Personal Information Management update which fields are deemed PII for the first time, from Compliance Category to FieldSets, in Spring '22.

With Assignment Expiration, you can easily automate the management of user rights.

You have better control over user access using Assignment Expiration. For managing user access, you can get rid of reminders, calendar entries, and sophisticated, difficult-to-maintain routines. The platform takes care of everything for you using Assignment Expiration! Make sure to enable this functionality and visit the new page to assign a permission set or group with or without an expiration date. This will eventually be the only page where permission sets and groups may be assigned.

The Lightning Usage App allows you to view and enhance sluggish desktop record pages.

You may now examine all sluggish desktop record sites with an estimated performance time of 5 seconds or greater from a single location thanks to improvements to the Lightning Usage App. Additionally, you may easily obtain instructions for enhancing them in Lightning App Builder.

Encrypt the email addresses of users

Personal information such as email addresses is considered personally identifiable information (PII). You should secure PII data as a security-conscious administrator. Customers that purchased Salesforce Shield or have Salesforce Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions may now use Shield Platform Encryption on the user email field. Both probabilistic and deterministic encryption techniques are supported in this sector.

Check out the new features in the Your Account app.

Salesforce Checkout has been deprecated in favor of the Your Account app, a new self-service option for conveniently and swiftly managing your Salesforce subscriptions from within your Salesforce org.

Instead of complete Salesforce licenses and the Your Account App Admin User permission set, your billing users can utilize one of 100 free Identity licenses to access the Your Account app.

You can manage your renewals via the Your Account app. The app will display a notice on the Your Account app home page and contact information page ninety days before a contract expires. Up to 7 days before the renewal date, you can read the contract, confirm renewal, make modifications, or opt not to renew.

Without having to expand your contract to see more, you may examine contract status, billing frequency, contract expiration date, auto-new status, and subscription time left.

To conclude, the new features make your business process easy, quick, and efficient with these features while keeping the security of your company intact. If you are looking to integrate these game-changing features into your organization, get in touch with us today. Our certified experts at Apphienz will guide you through and through to make sure your Salesforce instance functions at its optimum best.

Visit our website for more information and read all our blogs on the latest Salesforce release features. Write to us at in case of any further queries.


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