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Top Winter '22 Nonprofit release features

Nonprofits have unique requirements, and Salesforce is familiar with them. There's nothing your Nonprofit can't accomplish with its effective resources. With one-of-a-kind Salesforce solutions, they will aid you in tailoring your needs.

Here’s a list of Top Winter ‘22 Nonprofit Release Features.

Create messages that are centered on the needs of your constituents in order to increase donor engagement.

With Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, you can simply create personalized email communications using customized templates. Use CRM data to boost email engagement, personalize communications, and expand and scale your business.

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits (MCNGO) is a product that strikes a compromise between pricing and features. The goal is to make Marketing Cloud available to as many charitable organizations as possible. The MCNGO edition closely resembles the Marketing Cloud Pro edition in terms of features and functionality.

Synchronize Salesforce and Marketing Cloud data

Sync your CRM data with Marketing Cloud to get the most out of Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits.

The following is a high-level overview of the data synchronization steps:

To automatically add Contact data from Salesforce to Marketing Cloud on a recurring basis, create a Synchronized Data Source.

For each subscriber segment, create one or more sendable Data Extensions. For that segment, the Data Extension defines the fields, or schema, that contain your subscriber data.

Create a data query in Automation Studio to populate your Data Extensions on a periodic basis.

Make a Data Source That Is Synchronized

A Synchronized Data Source imports Salesforce data into Marketing Cloud automatically. Create a synchronized data source from Salesforce that adds new and updated Contact data to Marketing Cloud, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date subscriber information for your fundraising and marketing operations.

Make Data Extensions That Can Be Sent

Your Contact info is stored in the Synchronized Data Source. Create one or more sendable Data Extensions for your subscriber segments in order to transmit emails to them.

You might have a portion for new donors, lapsed donors, or significant donors, for example. For each of these segments, create a sendable Data Extension.

Automation Studio can be used to populate Data Extensions.

You now have a Data Source for bringing data into Marketing Cloud, as well as a Data Extension for storing sendable subscriber data. Then, when your Data Source receives new data from Salesforce, utilize Automation Studio to automatically refresh your Data Extension.

Add More Subscriber Segments to Your Automation

For each additional subscriber segment, create a new Data Extension and Automation. Remember that the SQL Query you write in Automation Studio must match the schema you define in the Data Extension. The subscriber segment's attributes are defined by the SQL Query's WHERE clause.

Increase the number of conversions.

Elevate's new customized ask ladders, prefilled forms, and analytics capabilities, as well as the ability to connect the Worldpay Express payment method, allow you to enhance donation form conversion and find best-performing Giving Pages thanks to Elevate Enhancements.

In NPSP, you can manage recurring donations.

From within Salesforce, start a payment transaction for a gift. NPSP saves the gift in Salesforce when Elevate handles the payment. It also works the other way around: NPSP records donations made through Giving Pages in Salesforce. View donations in Salesforce from Elevate by selecting View in Salesforce. Manage Payments has more information.

NPSP Data Importer is used by the Elevate connection to import and process donation data from Elevate. See How NPSP Data Importer Processes Data and Standard NPSP Data Import Fields for further information.

Make a Recurring Donation by filling out the form below.

Donors who give on a regular basis help your organization achieve its goals. Elevate, fortunately, is well-equipped to assist you with recurring gifting.

Make a Change to a Recurring Donation

From within your Salesforce org, you may update the details of a Recurring Donation, such as the Amount, Payment Method, and Campaign.

To cancel a recurring donation, click the "Close" button.

Assist the team in reviving at-risk donors.

You may proactively recognize whether a client or participant is at risk due to attendance or involvement with Program Management Enhancements. Create action plans and case plans for numerous programs.

Allow for the mass production of program engagements

Allow users to generate Program Engagements in bulk for a single program from a Contact list view.

  • Then click the Setup gear icon, then Setup.

  • Select the Object Manager tab from the drop-down menu.

  • Select Contact from the list of objects.

  • For Salesforce Classic, go to Search Layouts.

  • Click the Dropdown list icon next to the ListView layout, then select Edit.

  • Select Add Contact to Program from the Available Quick Actions list, then click the Arrow symbol to move it to Selected Quick Actions.

  • Save the file.

  • Using the Add Contact to Program button, you may now create Program Engagements in bulk.

  • On the Contacts tab, it displays the Add Contact to Program button.

Easily manage grant applications.

Grants Management Enhancements unifies the application evaluation process into a single system. To keep the process moving, keep track of feedback and suggestions.

Publish a Review

Create a Review to solicit user input on a grantseeker's application. When the Review is finished, it will appear on the Review tab of the Funding Request.

Open Recommendations

Find all Reviews that are Not Started or In Progress using the Open Reviews list view.

Fill out a review

You can complete a Review from the Funding Request when you've examined a grantseeker's application and are ready to provide feedback.

These Nonprofit features will make organizations’ efforts more fruitful and assist in maximizing fundraising tasks.

Nonprofits are essential to a healthy community and as Salesforce Partners, we're here to help you make an impact on your purpose. Let's work together to help the neighborhood! Visit our website for more information on how we assist nonprofits or write to us at in case of any questions.


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