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Top Sales Cloud Features From The Salesforce Winter '22 Release

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

With each release, Salesforce products become more user-friendly. Salesforce Sales Cloud is already the best sales CRM in the world but this new Salesforce Winter ‘22 release has some amazing features to make your work more efficient. Our team has curated the top Sales Cloud features from the upcoming release.

Here are the top Sales Cloud release features:

To close more transactions, use AI

With Pipeline Inspection Enhancements, use the new Einstein Deal Insights to see which deals are least likely to close within the month.

With Einstein Deal Insights, you can see which deals are unlikely to close in that particular month

When changes slated to close this month are unlikely to be won the same month, Einstein Deal Insights predicts. Sales managers and their teams will be able to estimate more precisely and maintain more accurate pipelines with this new knowledge.

Where: This modification affects the Lightning Experience in the Performance and Unlimited editions of Sales Cloud.

Who: Pipeline Inspection can only be used by users who have the Pipeline Inspection permission set.

Why: Hover over the opportunity close date field to acquire more information about a prediction.

How: Turn on Einstein Deal Insights and accept the Terms of Service under the Pipeline Inspection settings.

Get a better understanding of the deal's health

The enhancements to Einstein Conversation Insights allow you to match conversation data from phone and video chats to the appropriate opportunity. Accurately troubleshoot each trade to gain a clear view of the circumstances.

Automatically match opportunities to voice and video calls

Einstein Conversation Insights can automatically link voice and video calls to relevant prospects.

Where: In Lightning Experience, this update affects Einstein Conversation Insights. In the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions, Einstein Conversation Insights is available as an add-on.

Who: Users with access to Einstein Conversation Insights for Sales can use this functionality.

Why: Because Einstein Conversation Insights links similar opportunity records to voice and video call records' Related Record field.

Call participants who are indicated as opportunity contact roles are used to match opportunities. Opportunities that have been closed or haven't been amended in the last two years aren't listed. If many opportunities are related, the most relevant one is chosen based on call participants and the most recent modification date.

For voice calls to be matched, the user placing the call must have access to the corresponding opportunity.

How to use it: In Setup, go to General Settings, Conversation Insights, and turn on Opportunity Matching.

Create territories based on the composition of your team

With Territory Planning Enhancements, you can intelligently plan for various team kinds and skill levels based on capacity restrictions, from inside sellers to new hires to senior team members.

Optimize Locations for In-Person and Remote Business

Optimize Locations for In-Person and Virtual Business Limit assignments within a region so that all of your sales and service personnel enjoy face-to-face and virtual customer interaction. Indicate whether a region should have more or fewer units or containers than others within the focus.

Where: This change affects Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

How: For example, you start with contiguous territories in North Carolina, but you want two noncontiguous territories for reps who sell remotely. So you select those territories and change their geographic profiles to Noncontiguous.

Determine the best practices to follow and the next measures to take

High-Velocity Sales are required to use this feature.

In the High-Velocity Sales (HVS) Sales Cadence Builder, Multiple Variant Testing allows for A/B testing. To decide which best practice is genuinely the best for each step, test up to three versions per node for each action type (such as comparing email templates).

Variant testing can help you figure out which email templates and call scripts are the most effective

Sales managers can use sales cadence steps to test different email templates or call scripts to discover which one performs best with prospects. The sales cadence delivers each email or shows each call script in the proportions chosen by managers while creating the sales cadence.

Where: This modification affects Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Lightning Experience.

Who: Users with the High-Velocity Sales Cadence Creator permission have access to this capability.

Where: Turn on Allow Email Template and Call Script Variant Testing in High-Velocity Sales Setup. Managers can include up to three email templates or call scripts when adding an email or call step to a sales cadence. They have the option of specifying the percentage of targets who see or hear each version.

Real-time efficiency is a must

With Sales Cadence Enhancements, you can make real-time modifications to your live sales cadences and increase productivity at the moment.

Active Sales Cadences can be edited

When sales managers desire to improve a sales cycle, they can do it without halting sales outreach by updating active sales cadences. Managers can edit step titles and descriptions, email template and call script variants, and sales cadence rules, among other things.

Where: This modification affects Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Lightning Experience.

Who: Users with the High-Velocity Sales Cadence Creator permission have access to this capability.

How: Modify Steps can be found on the sales cadence record page.

Managers can select whether to delete the Yes or No branch that follows a call outcome or email listener step when deleting it. After completing the step, targets on deleted steps quit the sales cadence. Changes in the Sales Cadence Builder are not stored until you click Update. Changes are lost if you close the Sales Cadence Builder before pressing Update.

These release features are sure to make your task productive and efficient.

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