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Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence is the Best Marketing Tool Available

Marketing Cloud Intelligence, previously known as Datorama offers businesses the best way to integrate their digital marketing technology stack and adapt to their needs. It is a superb marketing intelligence tool that helps them manage every marketing campaign and run them efficiently. By mastering this platform, marketers can seamlessly make changes and adjustments to their movements in a coordinated manner.

What Are Its Functions?

It allows its users to integrate their whole marketing technology stack through a single interface—standalone from the leading Salesforce platform—providing considerably greater adaptability.

Let's examine closer the three sections comprising the platform:

1. Connect and Mix

Marketing Cloud Intelligence’s Connect and Mix section enables users to integrate the whole marketing technology stack through a single interface. Users can use it to connect to their marketing technology stack and connect to Salesforce, Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Bing Ads, and Twitter, to name a few.

2. Analyze and Act

The middle section of the platform, Analyze, and Act, is the one that represents the real value of the platform. This section allows users to analyze their marketing data and make better decisions. It also integrates with several other platforms such as Google BigQuery and Tableau to provide its users with more insights when analyzing the data.

3. Visualize and Automate

This final section aims to make the users' workflows more efficient. Marketing Cloud Intelligence allows users to automate their workflows through several APIs. The platform enables its user to track marketing performance, increase ROI, and facilitate collaboration between the marketing and sales teams.

What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and What Are the Advantages of Using It?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or SFMC, is a real-time marketing system designed to manage every aspect of your marketing program, including lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring.

SFMC is built for marketers who want to:

  • Use data to create personalized and relevant customer experiences.

  • Create, publish, and continually update marketing content to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Use AI to automate intelligent marketing programs that drive growth based on the customer's needs, behaviors, and preferences.

  • Increase marketing quality through a deeper understanding of customers and prospects.

  • It is built on the same architecture as Salesforce, which means SFMC can tap into the same breadth of data and deliver the same caliber of service as the rest of Salesforce.

SFMC supports many aspects of marketing, such as multi-channel campaign execution, dynamic customer journeys, pre-and post-campaign analytics such as audience building and segmentation, social media engagement and advertising, and a data management platform.

SFMC does this through the use of "Studios" and "Builders:

  • Studios: Used to manage and engage with communication channels. Marketing Cloud Engagement, Social Studio, and Mobile Studio are all part of SFMC.

  • Builders: Used in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform to handle data, content, and customer journeys. They are frequently employed by the Studios but are not required to be (e.g., Analytics Builder).

What Can Salesforce Marketing Cloud Do for Your Business?

Salesforce marketing cloud can help you build and execute multi-channel campaigns that move customers through the customer journey. You can also effectively plan, analyze, and optimize your marketing and sales data without exporting it to external tools.

SFMC also helps you understand customers and prospects to optimize the results of your campaigns, reduce waste, and implement retargeting. In addition, you'll be able to manage your customer journey and engage and deliver targeted content to your customers at the right time, using the right channel, in an automated yet personalized manner.

These drive growth, improve customer relationships and uncover business opportunities for you.

Marketing Cloud is For Every Business

Every industry uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Its multiple variations make it applicable to businesses of all sizes. SFMC may also adapt to your (and your customers') changing needs by adding functionality a la carte.

Any business looking to integrate its analytics tools with SFMC is a great fit. Even if you already have a platform you like, you can integrate it with SFMC. Overall, SFMC is for any business where you need to manage your marketing and sales data.

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