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Salesforce Winter '22 Release Sandbox Preview Important Dates

Salesforce releases 3 important updates every year to stay updated with the new trends in the industry. The Winter ’22 release notes are live and the Sandbox upgrades are here. We have noted all the important dates for the release. During the forthcoming dates, you'll be able to try out new features and customizations in your sandbox.

According to the rolling 12-month release cycle on, your production instance will be upgraded to the Winter '22 release. Enter your instance name or domain and select the maintenance tab to discover your upgrade date.

The next thing you'll want to know is when your sandbox will be upgraded to Winter '22; this will be your first chance to test your configurations on the new version. Let's take a look at this, as well as all of the other important events for the Salesforce Winter '22 release, so you can mark your calendar.

September 10th: The first weekend of release

At Salesforce, a limited number of clients upgrade on the first release weekend. You've likely already identified your essential characteristics at this point. The Release Readiness Trailblazers group will have the content you need to get your organization's users up to speed on the new features you want to roll out if you're ready for your upgrade.

September 10 to 17: Live broadcast of release readiness

With a live broadcast, our admin and development evangelists kick off the Winter '22 Release. They'll talk about their favorite aspects of the Salesforce Winter '22 release. The product management team will then talk about and demonstrate the new features. See how those features work in real-time and get a sneak peek at what's coming up in the next months. The agenda and schedule will be provided in our Release Readiness Trailblazers group in September.

1st of October: Second weekend of release

Another group of instances will be upgraded at this time. The Trust page provides the most up-to-date information on the upgrade's timetable, but because it only takes five minutes, you shouldn't expect any disruption to your operations or uptime.

October 8 and 9: The final weekend of release

On October 8 and 9, all remaining Salesforce instances will be upgraded. If you choose not to participate in the sandbox preview, your orgs will be upgraded this weekend.

Do you want to make a note of these dates in your calendar? Check out our public release calendar or download it to your preferred calendar.

These are the upcoming dates, so keep an eye out for them to make the most out of it.

Reach out to us or write to us at for more information. Visit our website if you have any questions and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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