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Enhance Productivity with Brand-New Slack and Salesforce Customer 360 Integration

In the recent Dreamforce 2022 event, Salesforce made significant announcements such as introducing Salesforce Genie, the world’s #1 real-time CRM along with brand new Salesforce and Slack innovations to unlock productivity by adding value to Digital HQ.

Let's have a look at the updated enhancements;

Slack huddles improve on its audio-only experience by giving teams access to ultra-light video, multi-user screen sharing, message threads, and more to power live coworking sessions in their virtual headquarters.

The updated Slack platform is accessible to programmers thanks to a new set of developer tools and modular, reusable building blocks, it is now quicker and simpler for them to create, customize, and share workflows that automate work for their teams.

Teams will be able to curate, organize, and share crucial resources differently because of the brand-new Slack canvas surface in the digital HQ. Anyone can customize a canvas with time-saving automation using the Slack platform, and they can also import data from systems of record like Customer 360.

Users from a variety of industries can navigate this new period of digital transformation with the aid of Slack Partner Industry Solutions.

Slack canvas can help you speed up team selling

By surfacing important customer insights, Slack canvas will aid sales teams in maximizing effectiveness, boosting productivity, and closing more deals. There can be a specific canvas for each account channel that contains important data that the entire account team can use and update. Users will be able to benefit from the following features:

  • Delivering crucial documents like account plans, executive briefing documents, and team contacts

  • Gathering a carefully curated list of pertinent channels that the team can use to support their account

  • Setting up routine processes like approving requests or reporting customer issues to engineer

  • Gaining access to Salesforce Sales Cloud's opportunity data as well as usage and spending information

Improve campaign results with more efficient collaboration

Marketing companies can deliver complete, data-driven campaigns to their teams and partners using Slack. Initially, teams can manage every stage of the campaign process from a single collaborative view that tracks all content, files, and data to define goals, track progress, and manage resources by pairing a canvas with a Slack Connect project channel. Teams can easily update the canvas as they work together by adding links to email copy drafts, functional prototypes, and rich previews of creative design files from all of the brands and partner organizations. This aids in goal-setting, and productivity growth

Optimize the onboarding process for customer support to increase output

A manager can include a checklist of tasks for new service agents to complete their first week in a canvas, such as clicking a button to join multiple channels, watching training videos, and reading documents.

The Marketing Cloud for Slack integrations enables teams to plan, carry out, and evaluate their campaigns entirely within Slack. With the help of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement for Slack, marketing and sales teams can coordinate within Slack channels, prioritize lead follow-up, assess the impact of the pipeline, and iterate on campaigns right away. Teams can use Marketing Cloud's Intelligence Insights for Slack integration to include in-flight campaign performance data in the channel and canvas once the campaign has gone live. For teams to monitor trends, agree on the strategy, and reallocate investments, marketers now have a personalized view of the campaign's performance data in one location that can be easily shared in Slack.

Are you looking to boost productivity with the latest updates? If yes, get in touch with our team at Apphienz for seamless implementation. Visit our website for more information or write to us in case of any further queries.


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