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How Salesforce is Responding to The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Governments and businesses worldwide have begun their COVID-19 vaccination programs to protect citizens from the continuously mutating virus, although they have grappled with multiple obstacles along the way. For instance, the task of delivering billions of the vaccine to patients, healthcare workers, and the rest of the population is no small feat, especially when considering the logistical challenges. Salesforce announced the Vaccine Cloud, enabling the public sector and businesses to manage the vaccine distribution to help the effort.

As two of the approved vaccines require cold-chain logistics, billions of vaccine doses’ coordination pose a significant challenge. However, Salesforce recognized the vital role technology can play in guaranteeing vaccines’ secure delivery, leading them to launch Vaccine Cloud.

How Vaccine Cloud Helps the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Now that the world finally has access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, countries have been rushing to establish vaccination programs to achieve herd immunity against the virus. However, many healthcare providers and governments do not have the infrastructure to support the processes required for administering the vaccine, like registering and scheduling people to receive their doses, managing inventory, and logistics, among others.

Fortunately, Salesforce—the leader in customer relationship management—recently debuted Vaccine Cloud, a specialized technology that will help nonprofits, educational institutions, government agencies, and healthcare organizations deploy their vaccine programs safely, speedily, and securely. Vaccine Cloud is one of the many efforts launched by the company to combat the pandemic’s lingering effects; in May 2020, the company rolled out, a website created to help businesses safely re-open their workplace and facilities. Four months later, in September 2020, they put out for Vaccines, designed to help the public sector deliver, monitor, and count their vaccination programs.

Vaccine Cloud will succeed for Vaccines and develop its vaccine administration solutions to both the public and private sectors, like pharmaceutical companies. The company configured core Salesforce apps, like Health Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud to create Vaccine Cloud, increasing vaccine administration availability.

How Healthcare Providers and the Public Sector Benefit from Vaccine Cloud

Vaccine Cloud allows customers to control and monitor vaccine inventory, track outcomes, schedule appointments for patients, implement public health outreach, and many more capabilities. Government and public health agencies can use Vaccine Cloud to extract data from their current Salesforce solutions to surveil their vaccination programs’ effectiveness and use the data to make informed decisions. Healthcare providers can use the technology to manage vaccine inventory, monitor staff’s training and education, and even process payments and reimbursements. The platform can also handle patient communication, such as reminding a person to schedule their first vaccine dose and coming in for their second dose.

Individuals can also benefit from Vaccine Cloud. They can take advantage of the technology’s capabilities to share their health status or vaccination, allowing businesses to make studied decisions about re-opening workplaces, retail locations, entertainment venues, and other similar locations.

Salesforce’s vaccine solutions have continued to help organizations and agencies fight the spread of COVID-19. Several organizations such as the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the Vaccine Alliance, and Northwell Health have been using the technology. Other Salesforce partners like Accenture, IBM, and Deloitte have also been using Vaccine Cloud for their programs. With all that the platform has to offer, the speedy and efficient delivery and distribution of vaccines will help achieve widespread herd immunity at a much faster rate.

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