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No Code Salesforce and Box Integration

Together, Box and Salesforce are committed to giving you seamlessly integrated solutions that make it simple for your teams to securely collaborate on the most critical content, which results in a significant increase in productivity. Regardless of their tools, your teams expect amazing digital experiences, so you must provide consistent content experience across all apps.

Data sharing can be done securely with the help of Box for Salesforce. To share and store the data, it connects with other Apps with ease. Salesforce users can create, edit, upgrade, and exchange folders and documents using Box. The user permission to access the files and folders can be customized, and the authentication process is highly secure.

You can access and update your content directly in Salesforce using Box for Salesforce integration, which gives you faster, more flexible access. You can connect your people and content to complete work quickly and efficiently, accelerating deals and significantly enhancing customer engagement, by centralizing all of your information on Box.

Benefits of Salesforce and Box integration

  • User-friendly and secure data storage is provided by Box integration.

  • Data storage space is limitless.

  • Incorporate various business apps (Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft)

  • Users can use Salesforce to access and control Box content.

  • It is adaptable with both the desktop and mobile versions of Salesforce.

  • Even if they are not Salesforce users, it enables users to communicate and share data with team members easily.

  • Salesforce Classic and Lightning are supported.

  • Close deals quickly and efficiently.


  • An Account for a Box Service

  • User’s account of Box

  • An admin account with Salesforce

  • One's Salesforce user account

Integration Process

Configure Box for Salesforce

As a Salesforce Admin, log into your Salesforce account.

The "Visit AppExchange" button can be accessed by clicking the dots in the top left corner of your homepage.

For Salesforce integration, look for and choose Box.

Choose "Install in Production" or "Install in Sandbox" according to your convenience by clicking the "Get it now" button.

Continue the installation after granting access to external websites.

Allow all users entry.

Specify or generate a folder in your Box for Salesforce

Now, you can create a folder in Box where you can store all the information and files you want Salesforce to have access to.

Going through Box Files in Salesforce

Go back to your Salesforce account and select the "Accounts" tab from the list of tabs at the top to review your Box files there.

Go to the "Box" tab by clicking on the word "Your Company"

Click "All Files" and choose the "Your Company" folder from the Box file hierarchy to change this.

Use the Box tab to upload a file

Select "File" after clicking "Upload."

Click "Open" after selecting the file you wish to upload.

Return to your Box account and refresh your folder to see the newly uploaded file to verify that the sync is functioning properly.

Integrating a box into common objects

Cases, Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Leads

Visit the page of the Salesforce object you want to integrate Box functionality into to embed Box in standard objects for Salesforce Lightning. Here, a Salesforce Account is used to illustrate it.

On your "Account" page, select "Edit Page" by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. With the Edit mode now open, you can edit the page layout by adding the Box module.

Find "Box" under "Custom - Managed" components on the left panel by searching for it or scrolling down.

The "Box" item can be added to the page layout by dragging and dropping it there.

Maintain your settings.

The Box functionality will appear on your page once you refresh the "Account" page.

Voila! Your Salesforce and Box integration is now operational.

This is how easy it is to integrate Salesforce and Box. Are you looking to make the most of these mighty platforms by integrating them? Get in touch with our expert team at Apphienz. We will assist you throughout the integration process. Visit our website to know more about our services and write to us in case you may have any questions.


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