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No Code Salesforce and Brainshark Integration

Salesforce develops and maintains customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps firms breakthrough technology boundaries across departments, giving them a holistic view of their customers across all channels. Employees in marketing, sales, commerce, service, and information technology (IT) may share a single customer view from any device, anywhere in the globe, when Salesforce technology is installed. 

Moreover, Integration aids in streamlining the operations of your company's many departments in order to speed up sales. Salesforce integration with third parties improves your company's sales operations, increases departmental process efficiency, improves data processing and information access, and much more.

One such integration is Salesforce and Brainshark.

What is Brainshark?

Brainshark helps businesses enhance sales performance and productivity by providing Web-based applications and products provided as software as a service (SaaS). The firm provides a sales enablement platform as well as a product package.

Salesforce users can send emails containing links to Brainshark presentations from a contact or lead record, and track the contact's viewing behavior in Salesforce using the Brainshark/Salesforce interface. This document outlines the processes that must be followed to complete the Brainshark-Salesforce integration. The instructions presume that you are a and Brainshark Administrator. Both the administrator and the Brainshark Administrator login identities and passwords are required1. This procedure should take no more than 30 minutes.

Salesforce and Brainshark integration takes place in 5 parts from creating an account to integration testing.

In this blog, we will go through each part of the process.

Part1: Setup a Brainshark User Account Part 1 describes how to create a Brainshark user account with particular folder viewing rights that can be used as a template for generating new users.

If the Salesforce user doesn't already have a Brainshark account, one will be created for them with the folder viewing rights given in the user account template.

Part 2 necessitates the use of Brainshark Administrator privileges.

1. In Brainshark, create a new user account. The Add New Authors Guide contains detailed instructions.

a.Enter as the login and password.

b.Insert Salesforce as the first and last name.

c.Type Salesforce@yourcompany'sdomain> as the primary email address.

d.To set folder permissions, click Continue.

e. Select the folders containing presentations that your Salesforce users should be able to access.

2. The first phase of the integration has been completed.

Part3: The Integration Package is installed.

The download of the Brainshark integration package from the AppExchange is covered in Part 2.

The Brainshark integration package also contains a package description, system requirements, and installation documentation.

  1. Find the Brainshark integration package that corresponds to the version you're using: Enterprise/Unlimited Editions. Professional Edition. Enterprise/Unlimited Editions

  2. To initiate the integration, click Get It Now.

  3. If you're asked if you have a account or if you're a administrator, select Yes.

  4. When asked where you'd like to try this app, select In my production Salesforce.

  5. NOTE: The Brainshark / SALESFORCE interface does not work in a SALESFORCESandbox.

  6. Click continue

  7. Log in using your Salesforce administrator credentials.

  8. On the Confirm Installation box, select I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  9. Click the Install button.

  10. You will be asked to confirm your Administrator password.

  11. Please enter your password here.

  12. Click the Submit button.

  13. On the Package Installation Details page, the Package Components will be listed.

  14. Continue by pressing the Enter key.

  15. Click Next to accept all of the Step 1 default options. A page for approving package API access.

  16. On the Step, select Grant access to admins only. 2. Select a security level screen, as only Administrators will be able to change these configuration settings. You can also choose from a variety of security settings and adjust the security level to meet your company's needs. NOTE: Although all users should have access to the Integration Package, only the Administrator should have access to the Brainshark Setup Tab (more information about the Brainshark Setup Tab).

  17. To continue, click Next.

  18. On Step 3. Install-Package page, click Install to install the integration package.

  19. When the installation is complete, you will receive both onscreen and email notifications.

  20. The integration's second part is now complete.

Installation of Brainshark Custom Links (Part 3) Installing Brainshark Custom Links to the SalesforceContact and Lead Page Layouts is the next step.

  1. In the upper right corner of the Salesforce website, select Setup from the dropdown menu under your name.

  2. Select Customize> Contacts> Page Layouts from the Salesforceleft navigation menu's App Setup section.

  3. Click Edit next to the Contact Page Layout that your salespeople are using.

  4. From the Contact Layout menu, select custom Links.

  5. Drag and drop the Send a Brainshark Presentationcustom link into the Contact Page Layout's Custom Links section below.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. From the App Setup section on the Salesforceleft navigation menu, select Customize> Leads> Page Layouts.

  8. Click Edit next to the LeadPage Layout that your salespeople are using.

  9. From the LeadLayoutmenu, choose Custom Links.

  10. Drag and drop the Send a Brainshark Presentation custom link into the Lead's Custom Links area.

  11. Click Save

Part 4: Using the Brainshark Setup tab in Salesforce to configure the integration parameters

Part 4 is the final installation step, and it entails configuring the Brainshark Application settings in Salesforce using the Brainshark Setup tab. Both SalesforceAdministrator and Brainshark Administrator login credentials are required for this part.

  1. In Salesforce, click the +tab to view All Tabs.

  2. SelectBrainsharkSetup.

  3. Follow the syntax in the onscreen example to create your Brainshark webpage.

  4. Enter the username and password for your Brainshark Administrator account.

  5. Click the Login button.

  6. Select the following choices in the sections given on the Configuration Settings for Brainshark for Salesforce page:

A. Brainshark content to make available to users area, which allows you to designate which Brainshark presentations are available for distribution to your reps:

i. If you wish to show all content that the rep has the authorization to access, select Show all content to which the user has viewing rights.

The Salesforce/Brainshark User Account generated in Part 1 of the installation was used to set these permissions.

ii. Select Show all content to which the user has viewing access, but exclude these folders if you want reps to be unable to see content in certain folders.

1. Click Edit exclude list to pick the folders in your Brainshark site that you don't want reps to be able to see or share.

2. Click Save

iii. Select Show just content from these folders if you want reps to only be able to read and share content from specified Brainshark folders on your site. Any viewing rights assigned in the Salesforce/Brainshark user account generated in Part 1 will be overridden if you choose this option.

1. Select the folders in your Brainshark site that you want salespeople to be able to view and share through Salesforce by clicking Edit include list.

2. Click the Save button.

iv. Select Exclude presentations that require a username and password to view in order to prevent salespeople from sharing presentations that require a login.

B. Security Settings section determines how Salesforcereps should automatically log in to Brainshark:

i.Choose to create a separate Brainshark account for each Salesforce user.

NOTE: Each Salesforcerep should have its own Brainshark account, according to Brainshark.

ii.Log in with your Brainshark Administrator account's Username, Password, and Confirm Password.

iii. Select If a suitable user id is identified in Brainshark, automatically associate the user ids.

NOTE: We recommend choosing this option because it syncs Salesforce user IDs with Brainshark user IDs and produces a new Brainshark user ID if one does not already exist.

C. The Data Synch Settings section allows Salesforce and Brainshark to communicate in order to synchronize viewing data:

i. For your Brainshark Administrator account, enter the BrainsharkUsername, BrainsharkPassword, and Confirm Password.

ii. For your SalesforceAdministrator account, enter the SalesforceUser, SalesforcePassword, and Confirm Password.

D. The Email Settings section determines how emails are sent:

i.Choose Enable Send via to send the email using your Salesforce account.

ii. Select Enable Send via email client if you want to send individual emails using an email client like Microsoft Outlook.

NOTE: If your company's email system uses Lotus Notes, do not select this option.

E. Save the file.

NOTE: A security token may be required at the conclusion of the SalesforceAdministrator's password entry. If your password is "Brainshark" and your security token is "a1b2c3d4e5", your password and security token would be typed as "brainsharka1b2c3d4e." For additional information, see Updating Your Security Tokenbelow. Additionally, as your Salesforce (or Brainshark) credentials expire, the Setup Tab information must be updated to ensure the integration package's correct functionality.

Part 5: Put the Integration to the Test

You're now ready to put the installation to the test. Create a test contact or lead record with an email address you have access to if you don't already have one.

1. Choose your testContactor Lead and double-check the placement of the custom field. On the Record, send a BrainsharkPresentationlink. Return to Part 3 if necessary to add the link in the proper area.

2. To see a list of available presentations, click Send a Brainshark Presentation.

To find presentations in a certain Brainshark folder, select List presentations in a folder.

OR b.Enter the name, Presentation ID, or Tags for the desired presentation in the Search for section.

3. To examine a Brainshark presentation before selecting it, click Preview to the right of the title.

4. Click Skip to bypass the presentation selection process and create a blank email to fill out. You can manually insert a single presentation link, and Salesforce will track it.

5. Click Send Selected after selecting the presentations you want to send.

6. Select a Template from the menu if your firm uses email templates.

Select Don't use a template if you don't want to use an existing email template.

NOTE: Only textual templates are allowed to be used. By clickingInsert Links to the left of the email, you can include the Brainshark presentation URL into the existing template body copy when using a template.

7. Fill in the required fields in the email, being careful not to change the presentation link in the body.

8. Click Send to send the email using Salesforce's email generator, or Send using email-client to send the email using your own email client. NOTE: If you enabled this in Part 3, Email Settings, the second choice will only be available.

9. Confirm that a SENT record has been added to the Contact's Activity History by Salesforce. This means Brainshark has delivered the email to the intended recipient.

To view the presentation, open the email and click the Brainshark link.

11. After the contact has viewed the task, the Contact Record will be updated with a VIEWEDtask in the Open Activities area.

12. The Brainshark/Salesforce Integration has now been installed and tested.

This is how Salesforce and Brainshark can be integrated and tested, seamlessly.

If you are looking for effortless integrations in your company or organization, connect with team Apphienz today. For more information about our services, visit our website.


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