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No Code Salesforce and Calendly Integration

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Calendly is a software that lets you automate the scheduling of your Meetings, Appointments, Seminars, and other events. It facilitates meeting scheduling by sending invitation connections to clients. These links allow the audience to choose their convenient time and date from the host's available options.

If you are using Calendly to schedule meetings with new prospects, Salesforce immediately provides a new lead, contact, or possibility. If the opportunity already exists, the event will be added to the record.

Representatives will appreciate the integration because it allows them to recover more sales time, and organizations will acknowledge that Salesforce data is always up to date without having to watch down their representatives for updates.

Prerequisites for the integration process:

  • A Salesforce account with administrative privileges.

  • A Calendly account with administrative privileges.

  • Salesforce Foundational Knowledge

Key Features


Configure the Salesforce integration to fit your current workflow.

Assess meetings

Display your forthcoming and previous meetings

Monitor activity

Calendly activity can be tracked and measured by the campaign, time period, meeting type, or custom fields.

Leaving Salesforce is not an option

Set up meetings for your team on Calendly without exiting Salesforce.

Personalized Objects

To enable faster lead qualification, map information gathered in the booking flow to Salesforce as a custom object.

Start making events

  • When one meeting is scheduled, create events or basic functions on any Salesforce object.

Benefits of Integration

  • Update Salesforce Leads instantly

  • Modify Salesforce Contacts immediately

  • Update the existing Salesforce Opportunities automatically

  • Create or update Salesforce Cases instantaneously

  • Create Salesforce events and tasks for leads, contacts, opportunities, and cases invariably.

Integration process

Step 1: Sign in to Calendly using an account with Admin or Owner permissions.

Step 2: Select Salesforce from the Integrations Page

Step 3: Select Go to Setup and Authenticate your Salesforce Account. To successfully create and manage events with Calendly Salesforce Integration, you must use a Salesforce Account with Admin privileges.

Step 4: You grant Calendly access to your Salesforce account by clicking the Allow button.

Step 5: You must install the Calendly package after granting Calendly access to your Salesforce account. You can do this by returning to Integrations > Salesforce and then clicking the Install the Calendly Package link.

Step 6: Choose Install for All Users and then click Install.

Step 7: Click the Refresh URL to refresh the page After the installation is complete,

There you go, You have successfully integrated Salesforce with Calendly without any coding.

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