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No Code Salesforce and Google Calendar Integration

When Google calendar and Salesforce are integrated, it makes scheduling meetings, tasks, and reminders easy, efficient, and seamless. Google Calendar comes with an inbuilt feature to sync teammates' and colleagues' calendars to increase productivity and transparency.

In this blog, we will discover the Prerequisites, Benefits, and No Code integration process;


  • Google account that is active.

  • A functioning Salesforce account

  • Possessing experience with CRM tools

Benefits of the integration

Track tasks, calls, emails, and meetings automatically in Salesforce.

Salesforce integration with Google Calendar enables sales representatives and service agents to plan their tasks.

You can use the Log Event functionality of the Salesforce Integration for Google Calendar to link an event to a Salesforce item.

The Salesforce and Google Calendar integration enhances team communication and streamlines meeting planning for all events.

By removing the need to enter data into two different systems, the Salesforce Connection with Google Calendar saves time.

Integration Process

A Salesforce Connectivity tool called Einstein Activity Capture makes it simple to synchronize your Google Calendar with Salesforce. In addition to activity data that can help Salesforce users make better decisions, Einstein Activity Capture now includes them.

  • Activate the Einstein Activity Capture by logging into your Salesforce account.

  • Choose Settings After going to Setup and typing Einstein Activity Capture in the Quick Find box.

  • Choose Einstein Activity Capture from the Settings menu and turn it on.

  • Establish User Permissions

  • Permission Sets should be entered in the Quick Find box under Setup.

  • Choose the Standard Einstein Activity the permissions set capture

  • By selecting Manage Assignment, assign users the privilege set.

  • Create a Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture configuration for your Google Account.

  • Choose Settings by clicking the username in the top right corner, then look for Einstein Activity Capture.

  • The window for Meet Inbox will show up; click Next and adhere to the wizard's directions.

  • Click the Connect My Google Account button to connect with your Google account.

  • Now that it has been added, your Google account will appear in the Linked Account area of the user's Einstein Activity Capture settings menu.

  • Moreover, Salesforce will automatically sync with the events on your Google Calendar. This completes the setup of your Salesforce Google Calendar Connection.

That’s it. We have successfully integrated Salesforce and Google Calendar!

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