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No Code Salesforce and LiveChat Integration

The contacts with customers through online chat assist businesses in identifying customers who require assistance during the purchasing process. LiveChat is among the greatest online chat services available. Utilize Salesforce Integrations to streamline and improve your sales and workflows. The Salesforce LiveChat Integration is one integration that can benefit your company. Without leaving your LiveChat platform, you may build Leads and Contacts directly from Chats.

With LiveChat, you can offer a more individualized customer experience, increase brand engagement, and get a pulse on your customers, all of which can help you grow your company. Activities such as customer support and online sales that were previously managed through various software platforms and channels can now be easily managed through LiveChat.

In this blog, we will go through the prerequisites, benefits, and integration processes of integrating Salesforce and LiveChat.


Basic knowledge of Salesforce.

A Salesforce user with administrative rights.

Admin-level LiveChat access is required.

Benefits of integrating Salesforce and LiveChat

1. Utilize chats and chat archives to generate leads and contacts.

2. LiveChat can natively search Salesforce contacts and leads.

3. Direct LiveChat updates for Leads and Contacts

4. Transmit chat logs as cases or any other object you've built in your Salesforce account.

Integration Process

Setup the Salesforce LiveChat Integration

Installing the Salesforce Integration through LiveChat is the first and most crucial step. To do this, adhere to these instructions:

Enter your LiveChat credentials. then utilize the sidebar's quick find box to look for Salesforce.

The Salesforce LiveChat Integration can then be added by clicking Install or Settings. You'll receive a confirmation message once the installation is complete.

Link Salesforce and LiveChat

After installing the Salesforce LiveChat Integration, you must connect to and grant access to your Salesforce Account. To connect Salesforce with this plugin, adhere to the steps listed below.

To access the chats section, click.

Click Connect after choosing the Salesforce icon.

Use the credentials to log into your Salesforce account, then click Log In.

Next, you must provide LiveChat permission to access your Salesforce account. Click on Allow to do so.

Update Salesforce with New Leads or Contacts

Go to the LiveChat Chats section and choose the Chat from which you wish to add a new Contact or Lead. As seen below, you can select a visitor directly from the Traffic area or even choose a Chat Transcript from the Archives section.

Select the desired Lead, then click the Add New Lead or Add New Contact option after clicking the Salesforce icon in the window's top right corner.

Data about the consumer should be entered in the form areas. This form data will be immediately shared with Salesforce.

Click Add New Lead or Add New Contact after completing all the fields.

Organize Lead or Contact Field Visibility

Head over to the LiveChat Chats section. Go to the right sidebar and click the Salesforce icon.

Next, select one of the options—Lead Fields Visibility or Contact Fields Visibility—by clicking on the Settings icon.

By selecting the Lead/Contact fields that your Salesforce Agent can see during a chat and then click Save, you can control what information is shown to them.

Voila! You have successfully configured the Salesforce LiveChat Integration to add new Leads and Contacts.

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