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No Code Salesforce and Integration is an email engagement tool that provides real-time metrics on cold email outreach efforts. ​​This enables users to assess the effectiveness of their email campaigns and fine-tune their prospecting and outreach efforts to achieve greater customer success rates.

The Platform assists teams in canvassing more swiftly, optimizing revenue performance, proactively addressing deal risks, and winning more consistently. Outreach helps revenue organizations automate sales engagement and act on revenue intelligence to improve efficiency, predictability, and growth by leveraging the most B2B buyer-seller interaction data in the world and significant investments in proprietary AI technologies to translate sales data into intelligence.

Important Features of Outreach

1. Comprehensive email analytics for aggressive campaign management

2. Efficient lead management requires a sales strategy.

3. Customer relationship management that succeeds

Benefits of integrating Salesforce with Outreach?

Field Customization and Field Updates

Specify which fields on an item should get updates from both Outreach and Salesforce.

Detection of Lead Conversion

When leads are converted to contacts, Outreach automatically recognizes the conversion, instantly stores the contact, and pulls data in to stay updated.

Salesforce Native

Salesforce houses the power of Outreach. Create a report, input a single lead/contact, and click to engage (email, sequence, call) without disrupting your process.

View and Engage in Salesforce Opportunities

From the Opportunity page in Outreach, you can see Prospective data, view pipeline by deal stage, and sequence leads.

Data Reversion Security

Outreach uses real-time version control in data transfer to verify that the most frequent version survives if both records have been modified.

Account Development

When a prospect is allocated to a contact, Outreach immediately pulls in the account and assigns the lead to it.

Capturing organic Leads from website forms, Linkedin Leads, Zoom info, Email lists, etc

Integration Process

1. Access the Outreach Platform.

2. Access the Salesforce Plugin.

3. Click the Opportunity object.

4. On the Sync tab, click to enable the Polling and Inbound sync options.

5. Confirm the Outbound Create and Outbound Update options are disabled and click Save. Note: Opportunities have many validation rules that must be met to create new opportunities or update existing opportunities. Because there is no visibility into validation rules from within Outreach, the creation and updating of Opportunities should remain in Salesforce.

6. Click Fields in the menu bar and add the Opportunity Type, External Created Date, and Prospecting Rep ID fields as applicable. Note: Adding these fields will assist Outreach with Opportunity Attribution.

7. Click to enable the Update In options where applicable and click Save.

8. Click the Plugin link to return to the Types tab.

9. Click the Opportunity Contact Roles object

10. Click the Sync tab and click to enable the Polling, Inbound sync, and Outbound sync options

11. Click Save.

12. Click the Fields tab in the menu bar and add the Opportunity, Prospect, Role, and Primary fields as applicable.

13. Click to enable the Update In options for the new fields and click Save. Note: Click to enable the Update Out options for the Role and Primary fields.

14. Click the Plugin link to return to the Types tab.

15. Click the Opportunity Stages object.

16. Click the Fields tab in the menu bar and add the Name, Order, Active, Is Closed and Is Won fields as applicable.

17. Click to enable the Update In options for the new fields and click Save.

18. Click the Mappings tab and map the existing Outreach Opportunity Stages to the associated Salesforce Opportunity Stages and click Save.

Hence, this is how the Opportunity objects will now sync with Salesforce as configured.

If you are looking to integrate platforms like these with Salesforce for more productivity and efficiency, get in touch with our expert team at Apphienz. To know more about us and the services we offer, visit our website or write to us in case of any queries.


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