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No Code Salesforce and Twilio Integration

Building visibility, credibility, trust, and interest from a certain set of people is the goal of lead generation. This means that concentrating on lead creation can assist in generating traffic from high-quality prospects. High-value consumers follow high-quality prospects, naturally.

Salesforce is the best CRM tool for streamlining your marketing and sales processes. Messages can be sent and received anywhere in the world using the cloud-based platform Twilio. SMS is one of the most personalized ways to foster wholesome relationships with your clients. With the help of Twilio Salesforce Integration, you can send and receive SMS regardless of the location of Salesforce.

In this blog, we will go through the prerequisites, significance, and No Code integration process.


The following conditions must be satisfied to set up Twilio Salesforce Integration successfully:

  • Admin permissions on a Salesforce account.

  • Admin rights on a Twilio account.

  • Basic knowledge of Salesforce.

Importance of Salesforce and Twilio Integration

Personalizing services for customers is Salesforce's main objective. They are advancing this objective by integrating with Twilio and using Twilio for Salesforce services. Your company can identify the leads with whom you need to get in touch to seal the deal due to Twilio Salesforce Integration. This can help you decide whether or not to SMS these leads a very compelling message or a call to action to contact your business. As a result, this Integration enables you to speak to your consumers personally and give them a sense of exclusivity.

You can handle your calls, SMS, and notifications easily thanks to this integration. Both, it makes it simple for you to plan out your incoming text messages.

Because you may personalize and expand your Integration features with it, Twilio supports a Twilio API, which streamlines your workflow.

With the use of Twilio's Salesforce Integration, you can talk to your Leads and Contacts both within and outside of Salesforce.

Twilio's integration with Salesforce enables you to reliably send customized messages to your leads.

No Code Salesforce and Twilio Integration Process

Install the Salesforce Twilio Packages from the AppExchange

  • You must first install a few Twilio packages from the AppExchange to correctly configure Twilio Salesforce Integration. Installing Twilio packages involves the actions listed below:

  • Check out the Twilio AppExchange website. To go directly to AppExchange, follow this link.

  • Choose one of the options—Install in Production or Sandbox—as your preference.

  • Select "Install for All Users" and then click "Install."

Link your Salesforce account to Twillo

  • Now, validate your Twilio Account credentials in Salesforce after the packages have been installed.

  • Search for Twilio Configuration on your Salesforce App Launcher. As seen below, a new page will load.

  • Go to Twilio Console by clicking on New Account or Log In.

  • Next, copy your Twilio Console Account SID and Auth Token.

  • To validate the credentials, click on Validate Credentials after pasting the copied credentials into the Salesforce App launcher's Twilio Configuration.

With Twilio Salesforce Integration, create a New Messaging Service.

  • Create a pool of Twilio phone numbers to use Twilio functionalities in Salesforce like message sending. Twilio's Messaging Service is responsible for providing this. Three different forms of SMS are supported by the messaging service's phone numbers:

  • The Lightning Campaigns Component sends SMS campaigns.

  • A process builder action is used to send an SMS that notifies the recipient.

  • SMS messages are sent by users of Salesforce who are not assigned a phone number.

  • To build a brand-new messaging service

  • Open the Messaging Services page on Twilio Console by going there. Click Create New Messaging Service after that.

  • Next, give your messaging service a name and select from the drop-down box the Use Case that best fits your needs. Once finished, click Create.

Purchase new or existing phone numbers for your messaging service.

  • Purchase phone numbers after setting up a new messaging service to launch it. To purchase a phone number, follow these instructions:

  • To connect to Salesforce, select SMS>Messaging Services.

  • Choose "Purchase a Number" under the numbers on the sidebar.

  • Using the Purchase option after carefully reviewing the details will allow you to purchase the selected phone number from the search results. Your Messaging Service page will display the bought phone number.

Establish a Webhook to Take Incoming Messages

  • Once the phone numbers have been acquired, you must slightly alter your Twilio Salesforce Integration to receive incoming messages inside of Salesforce. Your messages will be reported as Failed Error: 3008 and won't be synchronized to your Salesforce if you haven't set up your Integration for incoming messages.

  • Use TwiML Bin to establish a Webhook if you want to see incoming messages. To view your incoming messages, follow the instructions below.

  • To the Twilio Console page. the navigation sidebar, then choose TwiML Bins.

  • The Create New TwiML Bin button

  • Click Save, then note the URL of your TwiML Bin.

  • Go to Messaging Service, choose Integration, and then check the box next to Send a Webhook. Enter the Request URL area with your TwiML Bin URL, then click Save.

Open Salesforce and choose Messaging Service.

After configuring your messaging service, the next step is to choose the messaging service. You can do this by choosing the Message Service on the Salesforce Twilio Setup page. then select Validate Credentials.

Users Can Be Added to Permission Sets in Twilio

  • In this last phase, you must define the access rights for other users. Twilio permits two Permission Sets:

  • A Twilio User can send messages, see them, and use all of the capabilities included in the Twilio package except configuring or changing the Twilio API credentials.

  • The Twilio Administrator can examine and set up Twilio API credentials.

  • To add permission sets, adhere to these instructions:

  • Enter "permission sets" in the Salesforce setup search bar.

  • In the following step, click on the permission sets you want to assign.

  • On the Permission Settings page, select Manage Assignments.

  • Place the permission By selecting the Assign button, select the user you want.

Bravo! Your Twilio Salesforce Integration has been set up successfully.

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