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No Code Salesforce and Zoom Integration

Video conferencing software is the foundation of any successful and productive collaboration these days. Zoom has become a go-to app for video conferences and meetings since the pandemic rocked the world. Zoom enables individuals to meet and collaborate successfully face-to-face when meeting in person is not possible. This makes remote meetings much more human, which is critical for helping people feel and stay connected. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing software that can be utilized for webinars, live chat, video conferences, audio conferences, and recording meetings.

Your sales-related tasks can be uniquely combined with video conferencing using the Zoom Salesforce Integration. Apart from that, you can perform the following using this integration:

  • When you add or modify a Salesforce event, you can schedule a Zoom meeting.

  • Start immediate Zoom meetings and have events created for you immediately from leads or contacts.

  • In addition to being listed in your Zoom meeting list, instant meetings are displayed in your Activity History.

  • View the Zoom meeting reports.

  • Salesforce will be updated with Zoom meeting details.

  • Meetings and Google Calendar are synced.


1. Enterprise account

2. App Zoom for Salesforce

3. The Zoom Meeting objects have been added to the appropriate Salesforce layouts, and the Salesforce administrator has configured Zoom Meeting.

Note: Contact your Zoom and Salesforce managers if the app isn't set up or if some capabilities aren't accessible.

Integration Process

First, log into the Zoom Marketplace

Go to the Zoom Marketplace and sign in using your administrator account to activate the Zoom Salesforce Integration.

Installation of Zoom for Salesforce

Zoom for Salesforce can be found by typing it into the search box at the top of your Marketplace Dashboard. In the list of search results, select the Salesforce icon. After that, select "Visit site to install." By doing this, the Zoom Salesforce Integration procedure will start.

Verify the Salesforce Zoom Integration's validity

Verify the permissions needed for the Zoom Salesforce Integration before choosing Authorize. You will then be sent to the Salesforce App Exchange website.

Leverage Zoom to access Salesforce

In the top right corner, select the Get It Now button. Your Zoom account and Salesforce will be linked as a result.

Authorize Third Party Access

Lastly, sign in to your Salesforce admin account, accept the third-party access permissions, and click Continue.

Here you go! You have successfully and seamlessly integrated Salesforce and Zoom without any coding.

Bonus: How to begin an immediate Zoom meeting in Salesforce

By selecting Start Zoom Meeting from the quick actions menu on these pages, the integration enables you to launch instant Zoom meetings:

  • Event

  • Contact

  • Lead

  • Case

  • Appointment for services (if enabled)

Start a Zoom meeting by selecting it from the fast actions dropdown menu while you are on a lead or contact. By doing so, a Zoom meeting is started, and an event is added to the lead or contact record.

If Send Email to Participants at Launch is enabled on the Zoom Config page, you will be taken to the email interface page where you can send an email to your attendees with the details of your Zoom meeting.

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