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No Code Terminus and Salesforce Integration

We have seen various Salesforce integrations in our previous blogs that do not require any coding and can be integrated seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM making the overall performance of the company hassle-free, productive and efficient.

This time around, we have another No Code integration, Terminus and Salesforce. Let's have a look at the benefits of the integration and the quick and easy process.

Terminus is an account-based marketing platform that enables you to target organizations, interact with key decision-makers, and increase the velocity of your sales pipeline. Customers may use the Salesforce connector to import account, contact, and campaign information into their Terminus account. Terminus is simple to use and extremely effective at identifying the right companies to target with specific messaging in our digital ads. Terminus makes account targeting a breeze thanks to its Salesforce connectivity.

Integrating the Terminus platform with your Salesforce CRM will help you get the most out of it. You'll be able to quickly sort and evaluate pipeline and revenue results, dive down on campaign and opportunity results, and use dynamic CRM data in your account targeting and engagement strategies after you've integrated.

Terminus Data Studio is a data platform for central account intelligence. It gathers account-level firmographic and behavioral data automatically to provide you with a 360-degree picture of all your accounts. 

Integrating Terminus with your CRM is also the ideal method to use to get a holistic picture of the efficacy and revenue impact of your marketing campaigns.

Advantages of Integrating Terminus and Salesforce

  • Get a clear picture of account acceleration and return on investment.

  • Give your sales team a better understanding of account engagement.

  • Advanced Segmentation Can Help You Target Dynamic Audiences

What are the requirements for integration?

You must have the Terminus Data Studio product as part of your subscription and be an API Enabled Salesforce CRM customer* to access this functionality.

Simply follow the steps outlined below for the integration process.

1. Go to your Account Settings page. Select CRMs, then Integrations.

2. Select Connect from the dropdown menu next to Salesforce in the CRMs section.

3. To finish the connection, log in to Salesforce.

The steps below will show you how to import and use Salesforce contacts before that activate Salesforce Integration.

1. Import can be found under the Email Experiences Lists section.

2. As the list type, choose Salesforce.

3. Click Sync after selecting the Salesforce campaigns you want to import.

4. Align the newly imported contacts with the ABM campaign in Email Experiences (s). Changes to Salesforce data will be synchronized to Email Experiences in a couple of minutes if there are any.

5. Leverage Email Experiences Relationships to keep track of your company's overall relationship with each of the contacts on your list. To review your relationship scores, simply click on the list.

This is how you can integrate Salesforce with Terminus, quickly and easily without any coding. For more such integrations subscribe to our newsletter.

If you are looking to integrate various such apps, get in touch with team Apphienz today. Our experts can assist you with the seamless integration and multiple salesforce solutions that your company or organization might require after careful research and can customize any plan to suit your needs and goals.

We have written multiple No Code Salesforce integration blogs such as Brainshark, LinkedIn, Heroku, Tableau, Dropbox, SAP, DocuSign, Jira, and Sharepoint which can be read here. Visit our website for more information and write to us in case of any queries. Our team of experts is always there to help you with all your requirements.

Let's work together towards a path to success!


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