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Reasons Why You Should Invest In Sales Operations

Sales operations/sales ops are the driving organizational force behind a sales team, establishing procedures, tactics, and communication mechanisms to guarantee that the full sales process is done properly. It allows salespeople to concentrate on what they do best: selling.

These are the four reasons why you should hire a sales operations team right now if your firm doesn't already have one.

You can scale your business with the support of sales operations.

Hiring a strategic operations leader to work with the head of sales can help you think through how to create a revenue engine that is scalable, repeatable, and predictable.

Unfortunately, firms that strategically scale and those that do not have a significant disparity. Let's say a company has ten salesmen and plans to add 40 more in the coming year. If they approach it without a strategy or a focus on operations, they risk creating a "Wild West" environment in which regions collide and salespeople fight over clients and leads. Onboarding becomes inefficient, commission plans become expensive, data becomes jumbled, and margins dwindle. There isn't a standardized sales process that the entire team can follow.

Smart sales operations leaders figure out why their organization is successful and then share those best practices with the rest of the team, ensuring predictable results. To put it another way, sales operations turn scaling into a science.

Sales operations should be ingrained in your company's culture. It's critical to have a sales operations division in place before, not after, a period of expansion. When sales operations are considered as an afterthought, it can hurt a company in the long run, resulting in additional cleaning, mending, and reinstalling.

Experts in sales operations communicating and reducing hazards.

Because sales heads are laser-focused on closing deals, sales operations leaders may discover hazards that sales heads miss.

While sales leaders are focused on achieving sales targets, sales operations leaders have the time to look into the data and apply what they learn to devise incentives and develop strategic sales plans.

Sales operations professionals assist your sales force in focusing their efforts on what they do best: selling. They allow you to spot possible problems early and keep your company nimble. A specialized sales operations team can assist ensure your revenue remains predictable in an increasingly volatile economic climate.

Teams in charge of sales operations save time and effort.

According to a McKinsey survey of 12,000 sales professionals, sales operations teams may enhance sales productivity by up to 10% each year (Source:

Your sales team will be more efficient and productive if your sales operations team is strong. Sales operations specialists examine and streamline internal processes so that sales teams aren't as distracted or slowed.

A sales ops specialist would look into ways to automate tasks like manually entering customer data if your sales teams spend valuable time doing so. As a result, the sales force is better able to meet the needs of clients.

Sales operations provide cross-departmental visibility into the funnel.

Besides assisting the sales team in selling more, sales ops deconstruct the sales funnel for other departments, allowing everyone to make data-driven decisions. The sales operations team can answer the following questions about visibility:

  1. Where in the sales cycle do offers get stuck?

  2. Are they in the process of discovering, proposing, or negotiating?

  3. What types of businesses are purchasing your product?

  4. What factors influence a company's decision to employ a competitor's product?

CRM data is used by sales operations to create a complete view of your client's journey. It can inform you whether the pipeline is in good shape or whether your forecast is correct. Problems and opportunities are easily detected when matched with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven insights, such as those provided by Sales Cloud Einstein. Sales operations assist in quickly determining what's working and developing best practices across the go-to-market organization.

A tactical sales operations leader can assist you in becoming a data-driven decision-maker and dealing with issues. Get assistance with questions such as:

  1. Do you send your finest salespeople to your most profitable territory or to the toughest ones?

  2. What is the return on investment for sales vs. business development hires?

  3. Should you branch out into a new industry or focus on our current target markets?

Hence, having Sales Ops can do much more than what sees the eye currently. Its effectiveness can readily be reflected in the end results which is all the more important reason to invest in the best of resources.

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