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  • Writer's picturePiyusha Pilania Consulting Partner Collaboration

We at Apphienz are proud to announce that we are now part of the consulting partner network. Having worked with and served various Nonprofit organizations in the past and continuing to do so today, we feel extremely overwhelmed to be worthy of such an extraordinary union. This one-of-a-kind partnership has opened larger opportunities for us to keep serving Nonprofits in a better way moving forward.

At Apphienz, we have always believed everything can be solved through technology like Salesforce CRM. We have assisted Nonprofits throughout their journey by specifically understanding their needs and goals and tailoring unique, personalized solutions for them by keeping up with the digital-first world.

With our thorough guidance, Nonprofits have been able to use Salesforce to make smarter decisions about their programs with real-time analytics along with cultivating lifelong relationships with their donors.

Moreover, to assist Non-profits, we have curated Program Management and Fundraising QuickStart Packages of 30 and 50 hours. Our Salesforce professionals will execute your top priority needs so that you can start utilizing the power of Salesforce to fulfill your purpose from Day one.

Besides these, we have achieved the Level 1 expertise for Program Management and Engagement under the Partner Navigator Achievements on AppExchange for our deep expertise and record of customer success.

Firmly rooted in the ideology of ‘Tech for Good’, we at Appheinz are on a mission to walk with Non-profits every step of the way and make their purpose our one-point goal.


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