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Salesforce Stats 2024: Growth, Workforce, Revenue

Salesforce continues to be a powerhouse in the CRM world as we move through 2024. The company has achieved significant milestones, benefiting from innovations, customer-focused solutions, and strategic growth efforts. As businesses increasingly adopt Salesforce, understanding the factors driving its success offers valuable insights.

In this blog, we will explore the latest statistics on Salesforce’s customer growth, employee metrics, recent acquisitions, and financial performance to provide a comprehensive view of the company’s standing in 2024.

Expanding Customer Base and Satisfaction Levels

Salesforce’s customer base has grown impressively in 2024. The company now serves over 150,000 businesses worldwide. This includes small startups to large enterprises in various industries. The wide adoption of Salesforce shows how valuable its solutions are to different types of businesses. They find Salesforce’s tools useful for managing customer relationships, sales, and more.

Customer satisfaction levels are also very high. In recent surveys, 92% of Salesforce users say they are happy with the platform. They like its easy-to-use features and reliable performance. This high satisfaction keeps customers loyal and encourages new businesses to try Salesforce. Many users also appreciate the strong customer support. They feel well-assisted whenever they face issues, which makes their experience smoother.

The combination of growing customer numbers and high satisfaction ratings strongly indicates Salesforce’s leadership in the CRM market. Businesses trust Salesforce for their critical needs, and the company continues to deliver high-quality solutions that meet those needs effectively.

Employee Insights and Workplace Environment

Salesforce is not just growing its customer base; it is also expanding its team. The company now has over 70,000 employees around the world. This is a 12% increase from the previous year. The growing number of employees shows Salesforce’s expanding operations and increasing demand for its services.

Salesforce values diversity and inclusion. About 40% of its workforce is women, and there is good representation across different ethnic groups. This diverse environment fosters creativity and innovation, helping Salesforce stay at the cutting edge of technology. Diversity also makes Salesforce a more attractive workplace, drawing in talent from various backgrounds.

Employee satisfaction is another area where Salesforce excels. Around 90% of employees report that they are engaged and happy with their jobs. This high engagement is partly due to the company’s supportive workplace culture. Employees enjoy working for a company that encourages collaboration and offers growth opportunities. Programs like Salesforce’s philanthropy model, which lets employees volunteer and give back to the community, also help create a positive work environment.

In summary, Salesforce’s commitment to its employees is evident in its growing and satisfied workforce. This happy and diverse team drives the company’s success, creating innovative solutions that attract more customers.

Strategic Acquisitions and Expansions

Salesforce has been active in making strategic acquisitions in 2024. One of the most impactful purchases this year is a leading AI company. By adding AI capabilities, Salesforce aims to improve its analytics and provide more personalized services to customers. This move makes Salesforce’s tools even more powerful and useful for businesses.

Another important acquisition is a top cloud security firm. This helps Salesforce enhance its cloud security features, making the platform more secure for users. Cybersecurity is a big concern for many businesses, so this acquisition is a smart move. It shows Salesforce’s commitment to protecting its customers' data and staying ahead of security threats.

These recent acquisitions show Salesforce’s strategy to stay on top of tech trends. By expanding its offerings with AI and cloud security, Salesforce can provide more comprehensive solutions. These acquisitions also reinforce Salesforce’s position as a leader in the tech industry. With these added capabilities, Salesforce continues to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Financial Growth and Market Dominance

Salesforce has had another strong year financially. In 2024, the company’s revenue reached $30 billion. This is up from $26 billion last year. The increase in revenue shows that more businesses are choosing Salesforce’s solutions. Subscription renewals and new customer sign-ups have contributed to this impressive growth.

Salesforce also holds a leading position in the CRM market. The company has a market share of over 20%, making it the top CRM provider globally. This dominance is due to Salesforce’s continuous innovation and ability to meet diverse business needs. Being a market leader helps Salesforce attract more customers and maintain strong growth.

Profitability is another area where Salesforce excels. The company has maintained a profit margin of around 20%. This shows that Salesforce is growing its revenue and managing its costs effectively. Strong profitability ensures that Salesforce can continue to invest in new technologies and improvements.


Salesforce’s impressive statistics for 2024 highlight its strong position in the CRM industry. The company’s growing customer base, satisfied workforce, strategic acquisitions, and financial robustness all contribute to its success. Together, these elements explain why Salesforce remains a preferred choice for many businesses.

Understanding Salesforce’s achievements shows how crucial it is to use a robust CRM system. For those wanting to get the most out of Salesforce, partnering with Salesforce consultants can help. At Apphienz, we specialize in maintaining and enhancing your Salesforce instance. Contact us at Apphienz and let us help you achieve your goals.


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