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The All New Salesforce Service Cloud Summer'21 Top Features

On the world's first all-digital interaction platform, connect all of your outlets. Deliver industry-leading customer service management from the contact centre to the field. The all-new Service Cloud is capable of helping you grow and streamline your organization so you can deliver a unified service experience that is powered by automation. With Service Cloud 360, you can create end-to-end interaction from anywhere.

Let’s look at the amazing features

1. Prebuilt help center

To make setup even smoother, the Service Setup Assistant now handles even more tasks. To assist you to learn about Service Cloud best practices, the Assistant provides you with a default help center, automated case email notifications, and example data such as macros and flow recommendations. It also completes important Knowledge setup procedures and guides you through giving your team access to the capabilities they require.

Simply add knowledge articles and advertising, then launch the support center that can provide clients with a place to find answers to simple questions without having to contact your support team. Customers can utilize a basic web form to create a case for more intricate concerns.

Where: This modification affects Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Professional, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience.

How: To get started with Service, go to the Setup menu and select Service Setup Assistant.

2. Use Historical Data to Predict Your Workload with Intelligent Forecasting

When it comes to forecasting, many contact centers face challenges such as fragmented data, faulty analytics, or time-consuming spreadsheets. Intelligent Forecasting uses machine learning and a simple report builder to overcome these issues. In a Workload History, you can compile your contact center's past data. Using that data, create an Intelligent Forecast to slice your workload by time, geography, expertise, and custom data.

In the App Launcher, open Intelligent Forecasts and select New. Follow the steps to generate a Workload History, and then follow the steps to generate an Intelligent Forecast using the Workload History you just established.

Where: This modification affects Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Lightning Experience. Workforce Engagement is an add-on license that may be purchased for a fee.

How: Purchase a license for Workforce Engagement as an add-on. Enable Workforce Engagement under Setup and choose your preferred data model. Follow the Intelligent Forecasts configuration instructions.

When: After June 15, 2021, you can enable Workforce Engagement in new and existing organizations.

Who: A Workload History and an Intelligent Forecast can be seen, created, edited, and deleted by users with the Workforce Engagement Analyst access set.

3. Improve Planning and Performance with New Omni-Channel Capacity Limits

Performance and planning flexibility are improved by new capacity restrictions. The capacity limit for designation agents has been extended to a maximum of 100 concurrent work items per agent. Lengthy planning for high-volume support teams is made easier by increasing status-based capacity. Advisors can only have 100 tabs open at a time, which enhances system speed and prevents agents from having near-infinite numbers of work items.

Where: This change affects Enterprise's Classic and Lightning Experience, as well as Service Cloud's Performance, Premium, Expert, and Programmer versions.

4. Create Einstein Classification Models with Ease

Salesforce streamlined the Einstein Case Classification setup process to make it simple to develop classification models for Einstein Case Wrap-Up as well. We'll walk you through the procedures to make Einstein's predictions more productive for your agents.

Where: This modification affects Lightning Experience's Setup.

Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Einstein Case Classification

In the Performance and Unlimited editions of Einstein Case Wrap-Up. Digital Engagement add-on SKU is also available in the Enterprise edition.

Who: You may develop a single model for each app using the Try Einstein edition. The Service Einstein license is required to customize up to five versions of every program for different aspects of your organization.

How: From Setup, type Einstein Classification in the Quick Find box, then select Einstein Classification. You were previously in Einstein Case Classification. Select the app and the fields you want Einstein to learn from while you're creating a model. On receiving instances, Einstein Case Classification (1) recommends values. When a chat session finishes, Einstein Case Wrap-Up (2) assists chat agents with filling out case fields.

5. Preconfigure Lightning Templates in Case Support Settings, Web-to-Case, and Case Auto-Response Rules

Once engineered using Service Setup Assistant, Lightning templates are compatible with Support Settings, giving agents rapid access to three essential tools. Automate the Case Creation and Edit procedures, construct and deliver a Poll or Net Promoter Score in seconds, and let Salesforce handle case owner change notification emails to assist agents to be more productive.

Who: Server users with a Service license and Create permission can utilize Lightning templates in Cases Support Settings. To use a Customized Application, guest users must also have permission. Make that the Notify Case Owner of New Note Comments, Unlock Email Drafts (must enable Email-to-Case first), and Show Email Attachments in Case Attachments Related Lists user settings are all set on from the Support Settings page after the required licenses and rights have been assigned.

Where: This modification affects the Professional, Enterprise, Essentials, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience.

How: Enter Support Settings in the Quick Find box in Setup, and then pick Support Settings. Choose Lightning as your template's style. Then save your new assignment using the Case Creation, Case Assigned, or Survey templates.

6. Find Articles Using Knowledge Advanced Search with Einstein Search

Information Accelerated Query, which is now accessible with Einstein Search, allows your users to pre-filter search parameters to find knowledge articles that are the most relevant to their work. Your users will be taken to the Automatic Update screen as soon as they select Knowledge from the global search box dropdown option. They can then make alterations before inputting search words and running the search.

Where: Without Lightning Knowledge enabled, this update affects Enterprise, Basic, Efficiency, Developers, and Unrestricted subscriptions of Knowledge.

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