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The All-New Service Cloud, Transforming Customer Service from Anywhere

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Today Salesforce launched the next generation of Service Cloud, to support evolving customer service standards and deliver linked, personalized service from anywhere on a single digital engagement platform.

Parts of the world are reopening today; 53% of Americans plan to travel by the end of the year, and 97% plan to shop in a store. Reopenings would also raise a slew of new concerns about revised rules, procedures, and safety precautions. This presents a new degree of difficulty for front-line agents who are already dealing with increased workloads and increasingly demanding customers. In reality, while 82 percent of customers plan to contact customer service at pandemic levels, only 36% of service professionals believe they are adequately equipped to manage an increase in service and support cases. “Eighty-eight percent of service workers say the pandemic uncovered vulnerabilities in their jobs' technology”.

“Customer service leaders must keep abreast of three megatrends in 2021 as they navigate the storm,” according to a Forrester study authored by Kate Leggett, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester: “AI-fueled digital experiences underpin great customer service, new agent desktops motivate agents to better serve customers, and customer service technology enhances agility and sustainability.”

Service from Anywhere with Service Cloud 360

To succeed, businesses must make every customer interaction more meaningful, from online to pick-up/drop-off to in-person, and motivate their service workers to respond quickly, whether they are working from home, in the field, or in a hybrid model. Key enhancements to Service Cloud Voice, Workforce Engagement, Visual Remote Assistant, and more are included in today's announcement, which is relevant to industries ranging from retail to manufacturing.

What’s new in the Service Cloud?

Service Cloud Voice

With Service Cloud Voice, you can provide a reliable and productive service experience to your customers on any call. Agents now have immediate access to a comprehensive view of the client, as well as improved resources and insights. Now, integrate calls with ease, answer phones with AI by giving them a personal touch.

Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

Service Cloud Workforce Engagement can help businesses provide outstanding service by predicting customer service demand with artificial intelligence (AI), allowing businesses to staff the right agents, with the right skills, at the right time. Agents will have a single workspace with Service Cloud Workforce Engagement that incorporates all of the data, systems, and coaching they need to provide customized service and quickly fix issues.

Pre-Built Einstein Bots

Now, with Pre-Built Einstein Bots, it is easy to connect with sales and generate leads, report an issue by creating a case, check the status of that particular issue or order. As simple as that!

Salesforce Field Service

FSM technology is a type of technology that uses mobile systems to automate the field operations of a group of service professionals. It is designed to keep track of the various components of field operations, inventory control, vehicle tracking, scheduling, customer portals, and other features that are popular.

Visual Remote Assistant

With real-time interactive guidance, you can troubleshoot issues from anywhere. Annotations, a live pointer, and other features are available via Visual Remote Assistant. Use scalable video and AI-powered character recognition. Even if your bandwidth is limited, you can stay linked. Now, Quickly resolve issues by initiating video sessions directly from your web browser. With set up in as little as 24 hours, you can drive consumer acceptance and fast ROI.

Pricing and Availability

In June 2021, Service Cloud Workforce Engagement and Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony will be widely available. At general availability, pricing details will be made available. Secondly, Visual Remote Assistant is largely accessible and Pre-built Einstein Bots are currently in beta, with a general release date of October 2021.

We believe no matter what the circumstances are, we should be able to give the best of customer service to all our customers across the globe. We deeply value our relationship with all of our customers and we always have their back. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to assist you at our earliest.


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