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Insider Tips for an Easy Migration into Salesforce

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

As the owner of a growing nonprofit enterprise, you need to find the right tools to ensure that your company can quickly adapt to its “growing pains.” As your organization grows, you will need an all-in-one CRM tool to help you remain on top of the situation. There are many advantages to using a CRM like Salesforce.

If you are thinking about making this change and adding Salesforce to your business, you may be thinking about making the shift to using this software successfully. This blog post aims to help you understand how to facilitate a successful Salesforce migration.

Insider Tips for an Easy Migration into Salesforce

Are you new to salesforce? One of the best features of Salesforce is its Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP. This feature can have significant advantages in constituent management, fundraising, marketing and communications, and program management. Here are five insider tips to help make an easy task of your company’s migration into using this software.

1 - Get Your People Ready for the Change

Before integrating the change into your workflow, the first step is to let all the members of your team and your other constituents know about the change. One convenient feature of Salesforce’s NPSP is that they will gain a full; view and interact with other associates.

2 - Look into Available Options within Salesforce

Since no two nonprofits are precisely alike, it is a good idea to navigate through the software and look into the many available options you have. Salesforce comes with the customizability to help you customize fields that are relevant to your constituents. Additionally, NPSP comes with extraordinary fundraising and program management capabilities which helps your nonprofit manage programs, serve clients, understand outcomes, and expand into new program areas. The great thing about the NPSP is that everything is fully customizable to your needs and with added AppExchange apps you can add limitless functions to your CRM. This allows you to keep track of donor contracts, and it has easy-to-use functionality that you can use straight away.

3 - Map Your Data into Your New Model

Data mapping is a crucial step for migrating to the Salesforce, before working your data into your model, you must analyze if you need all that data to be migrated into your system. Looking into which applications you need for your operations, the specific data and information that needs to be uploaded into the system, and which custom fields and objects you need are an excellent way to ensure that you will have everything in your arsenal to function properly.

4 - Customize Your CRM

After mapping out the system and tools you need, you will be ready to customize your CRM. The key to making the most of your Salesforce CRM is to customize it as you see fit. Customization does not imply that everything is built from the ground up; rather, it refers to the ability to change things up as needed. Salesforce invests about $2 billion in research and development each year, and as part of that expenditure, they've been progressively delivering solutions for the nonprofit and education sectors (Source:

If you are currently using Blackbaud Luminate and want to move on to Salesforce read this blog to get some additional information. To get started on the migration process connect with us today!


Once you have configured your CRM according to the needs of your organization, you will now be ready to make the most out of your events. You will empower field-to-field fundraisers, use the accumulated data to compare it with industry trends and reach your goals as an organization. All of this will start by successfully migrating your information into your CRM. Now that you have this knowledge, you will be able to have an easier time migrating all your data and learning to use Salesforce to your advantage.

To get the most out of your Salesforce CRM, work with Apphienz! We are a Salesforce Consulting Partner, and we aim to help our clients maintain and upgrade their Salesforce Instance. We offer Fundraising and Program Management quickstart packages to get you started on your new CRM. Visit our website for more information or write to us at in case of any questions.


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