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Top Picks Service Cloud Features, Salesforce Winter '22 Release

Every year Salesforce release features get bigger and better. This year is nothing short of new exciting features. Salesforce released its Winter ‘22 release features recently with the live updates. Service Cloud is one of the key components in delivering the best customer support, especially for B2C companies.

Deconstruct the obstacles that exist between sales, service, and marketing. Enhance operational efficiency, increase sales opportunities, and build customer loyalty by providing a seamless experience. Optimize customer connections and your business by leveraging cutting-edge mobile and data technology to provide the most personalized customer experience imaginable — anytime, anywhere with the new Service Cloud features.

Here is a list of top winter ‘22 Service Cloud Release Notes.

Accelerate the delivery of mission-critical services.

Resolve big incidents faster with Customer Service Incident Management, which includes new objects for tracking, diagnosing, and fixing service-impacting issues. When everyone gets full insight into incident, case, and customer data, it empowers service and operations teams to create better customer experiences.

With Incident Management, you can diagnose, track, and prevent service interruptions.

Prepare to be greeted by a service crew that handles interruptions like a superhero! Use Occurrence Management to investigate the source of a widespread incident, streamline agent activities, and reduce downtime. Furthermore, change management capabilities aid in the implementation of significant modifications to prevent the recurrence of mishaps.

Where: In Service Cloud, this modification affects Lightning Experience in the Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer versions.

Why: Incident management allows your escalation teams to keep track of large-scale outages and assign assignments to the best agent for the job, ensuring that your organization meets consumer expectations. Professionals can track down the source of a service outage or other substantial productivity stumbling blocks. And the change manager enables escalation specialists to take the appropriate actions to ensure that the problem does not resurface in your organization. More time spent giving value to your customers implies more income for your business and a better reputation with your customers.

Service agents can create related change requests to get the patch certified and the incident addressed when the arbitration team decides on the best fix.

How: Incident Management is available to all new Service Cloud orgs straight now. To enable it for existing orgs, look for Incident Management in the Setup search box and toggle it on. Once the new Incident Management objects have been established, you may access more specific information about them in the Object Manager.

In real-time, organize and modify appointments.

Appointment Assistant: Self-Service Scheduling allows customers to create, reschedule, cancel, and confirm appointments via digital channels, reducing call volumes, balancing agent workload, and avoiding no-shows.

The Service Setup Assistant can provide you with sample surveys.

Salesforce Surveys are now enabled for you through the Service Setup Assistant. With the Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score sample surveys, you may get feedback from your consumers on their service experience. We also provide you with two email templates to share the surveys with your consumers.

Where: This modification affects Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Professional, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience.

How: Go to the Service Setup Assistant page in Setup to get started with Service. If you're using the Assistant for the first time, turn it on and follow the prompts to have it do crucial setup tasks for you, such as activating Surveys.

If you already used the Assistant to create your Service app, go to the top of the screen and click Update My Service App. This activates Surveys and provides two sample surveys.

Go to the Surveys page in Setup to use the Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score sample surveys. Make a copy of a sample survey to use on your own. On the Email Templates page, you can see all of your email templates.

In just a few minutes, you can create an intelligent bot.

With pre-built templates, relevant dialogues, and workflows to cover typical service and sales use cases, Einstein Bots Enhancements allows you to develop an intelligent bot in only a few clicks.

Bots created by Einstein

You may now deploy one bot in various languages, reducing your administrative workload, thanks to a change in how bots comprehend multiple languages. Your bot will offer AI-driven responses at record speed thanks to Article Answers' improved language support and an 87 percent reduction in construction time. You may expand bots throughout the Salesforce platform with the help of External Services and Model Sharing. Input Recommender, Bot Analytics, and the Template Bot have all been updated to help your bots succeed.

Teach Your Bot to Communicate in a Variety of Languages (Beta)

You can decrease administrative time and provide a consistent client experience across many regions by allowing your bot to speak multiple languages. To deliver numerous translations of the same bot at once, add secondary bot-supported languages and declare translations at the dialogue level. At the language level, intent model scoring allows you to track language performance and improve the bot experience for all users.

Where: This change affects Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Bots can only be set up in Lightning Experience.

How: First, add the secondary language to Translation Workbench, then to the Bot Overview page. Select a language from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen to edit translations for that language. Use a question dialogue step and use the language names as static choices to provide your users the option of choosing a language.

SSO, user syncing, and queue mapping templates that are simple to use.

Admins can utilize Service Cloud Voice: Prescriptive Setup for Partner Telephony to construct a contact center and link their partner telephony account for single sign-on, user synchronizing, and queue mapping using simple templates and menus.

Utilize Service Cloud Voice in conjunction with Partner Telephony (Pilot)

Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony and Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony from Amazon Connect now supports Einstein Conversation Insights.

Where: In Lightning Experience, this update affects Einstein Conversation Insights. In the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions, Einstein Conversation Insights is available as an add-on.

In the Service and Sales Clouds, all models of Service Cloud Voice are accessible as an add-on license. Government Cloud offers Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect and Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony from Amazon Connect as add-on licenses.

How: To learn more about participating in this experiment, contact your Salesforce account executive.

Make the most of your time away from home.

With Visual Remote Assistant: Session Scheduling, agents can schedule visual assistance sessions at later dates to maximize remote appointments and field resource use.

Use Visual Remote Assistant to Make Virtual Appointments Easier

By using Visual Remote Assistant to schedule virtual appointments between agents or mobile workers and clients, you can save time, cut expenses, and improve safety.

Where: Lightning Experience Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions with the Field Service managed package and Appointment Assistant installed are eligible for this feature.

How: When the time for the appointment arrives, the agent or mobile worker begins the session with the customer.

Here are the most important Service Cloud features that are sure to make your task super efficient and easy to perform.

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