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DesignRush Recognizes Apphienz a Top Salesforce Consultancy in California

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Apphienz has been recognized among the Top 20 Salesforce consultants in California by DesignRush. DesignRush is a guide for finding the best professional agencies for any project. It is a one-stop shop for determining the best global Salesforce Consultancies. DesignRush research, review, and rate thousands of firms to facilitate organizations in locating the best comprehensive agencies, web design firms, digital marketing firms, and technology firms.

Apphienz’s exclusive expertise and unique approach to work caught the attention of DesignRush. Apphienz is a registered Salesforce partner and consultant based in San Diego, California. We specialize in providing customized solutions to Nonprofits, startups, and SMB’s. This appreciation by Design Rush among others helps us stand out from the crowd.

Apphienz is a woman-led company. What makes us unique is the quality of constantly upgrading our services and always staying ahead of the curve. Our services range from Salesforce implementations to Salesforce Manages Services and Support. We provide a rare service called Technical Debt clean-up that organizations and companies did not know existed and needed before Apphienz introduced and now it has made the work 10x easier and productive and the one that they cannot do without. Apart from that, we offer business transformation that helps companies get a complete view of their operations and streamline the workflow. Our On-Demand admin service is one of a kind considering its round-the-clock availability to assist our customers with whatever and whenever they need it.

Mani Anand is the founder and CEO of Apphienz who have come from being an employee to an exemplary Entrepreneur. She firmly believes in delivering nothing but the best of quality services by persistently innovating and creating out-of-the-ordinary ideas.

Book a free consultation with team Apphienz to maximize your ROI on your Salesforce investment!

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Abhishek Kori
Abhishek Kori
02 de jul.

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