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Summer'21 Top Pardot Release Features

With the new Summer ‘21 Salesforce release, you get the most out of your email campaigns, and have more authority over your instance, and boost your marketing skills using Pardot and the Salesforce platform. Salesforce has added so many new features and tools with this release, you can read more about the top 10 features, Marketing Cloud top features, Sales Cloud top features, and Service Cloud top summer ‘21 features. Here are the top Pardot features which will help you improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns:

Einstein’s Key Account Identification

Salesforce does all of the hard work for you, such as cleansing data and deciphering characterizations to show you which prospects are most capable of creating business.

Letters are used to rank your accounts in Einstein's Account Tier. This ranking, unlike Pardot scoring, adapts constantly automatically. One won't have to rely on individual decisions to determine the rules; instead, you'll be able to make better-educated selections about how to convert the prospects this grading system gives to you. With such data generated by accounts, identifying the most important patterns in each account can be time-consuming. Einstein will show you how specific accounts compare to others based on their industry and past activity in this game-changing release.

Send Emails to a List (Pilot)

This release is for your sales reps who have voiced dissatisfaction with their limited capacity to send list emails entirely through Salesforce. They may now send from Outlook or Gmail, which gives them more power over their operations.

Emails delivered to qualified prospects will appear more genuine as if they were sent directly from a sales representative rather than a system.

We anticipate increased delivery, open, and click-through rates as a result of the more realistic look.

For More Accurate Results Score Lead Segments separately

With sufficient security, Einstein can produce precise grades to help you identify your segments and understand how each lead converts.

Create criteria fields for your lead segments that best characterize them. Einstein will rank it as part of the higher priority segment after you've prioritized the criteria, effectively categorizing your leads for customers.

Ensure that your emails contain the appropriate configuration files.

This new feature will allow you to reduce the number of tabs open at one time by a few, giving you more security in your social sharing broadcasts. It will avoid your QA process's up later and evaluate ID numbers in the Interactive Content list view to ensure that each of your emails has the correct merging field.

Monitors Email messaging

With this feature, Waste less time acquiring a pointless email log and therefore more time getting a better understanding of custom reports. Originally, you could just see the email's delivery status, which is little compared to what this new tool offers. You can now know if the customer opened it, when they opened it, bounces, engagement, and other information.

Get a stronger insight into and authority over your email marketing settings.

To use this feature, go to the top of your dashboard and click the "Get Started" button. Just keep in mind that activating it will make it permanent, and you should check Salesforce's recommendations before proceeding.

This will provide you with an overview of your potentials'

  • Status of mailability in general

  • Settings for Do Not Email Opted Out

  • Information that moves around

Assign Pardot setup tasks to a marketing administrator.

A user interface permission makes it simple to appoint a marketing executive to take care of Pardot setup and management. To allow access to all of the Pardot configuration options in Salesforce Marketing Setup, assign the new Manage marketing setup tasks permission and the View setup and configuration authority.

Without giving them special Admin Access in Salesforce, a single individual (most likely the Pardot Admin) can be given authority to customize Pardot from Salesforce.

With Einstein, you can increase email engagement and Optimization of the Sending Time

Distribute individual prospects list emails at their desired times. With Einstein Send Time Optimization, you can eliminate the assumptions and laborious classifications. You can be confident that your message reaches the appropriate person at the right moment if you use Einstein's machine learning talents.

These features are sure to make your work more productive and efficient especially when Apphienz has your back. Connect with us today to get the most out of your Salesforce instance. Visit our website for more information or write to us at in case of any queries.


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